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Archive for May 2015

Why You Should Invest in a Roof Maintenance System

Today’s real estate market features a never before seen diversity of building materials and architectural designs, and that means that there is now a greater diversity in roof construction than ever before. The result is that roof maintenance has become more complex than a simple schedule of tearing off and re-roofing for many businesses and…

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The Benefits of Professional Solar Installation

Installing Solar Panels

Solar panels are swiftly coming down in price while still gaining efficiency, leading many people to adopt them as quickly as their budgets allow. Whether you are interested in renewable power for the cost savings, the environmental benefits, or for some combination of factors, the time has come for this technology to go mainstream. Getting…

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Installing a Home Skylight

A skylight can have a number of advantages for homes of all types. It lets in natural light which brightens up corners and makes the space feel more inviting. On a more practical note, it can also help cut your electric bill as it provides an alternative to keeping bulbs burning all the time. Cutting…

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Know Your Commercial Roofing Solutions

If you own or maintain commercial properties, it is important to understand the kinds of roofing materials used in your buildings, to better monitor when they might be in need of replacement or repair. This is especially important during the construction process, when choices about roofing materials can dictate the maintenance cycle for your property…

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How to Tell if You Need a New Roof

Most roofs are designed to last either 20 or 25 years, and if you have been in your home for a long time or you built it yourself, that can make estimating your ideal re-roofing time very easy. It still does not guarantee a precise schedule, though. Environmental wear and damage from storms can both…

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Basic Gutter Repair and Maintenance

Gutters are the source of a number of common roofing problems. If not properly maintained, they can lead to more severe issues like damaged shingles and a leaking roof. Though repairing gutters is few homeowners’ idea of a good time, it is a necessary project for preserving the overall health of your roof. Cleaning Gutters…

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Roof Installation Steps to Install a New Roof

  The roof is one of the longest-lasting parts of your home. However, especially if you live in an older property, a time will come when it has to be replaced. Deciding to install a new roof is a major project, but once installed properly, a new roof will last for decades to come. Here is what…

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