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Why You Should Invest in a Roof Maintenance System

Today’s real estate market features a never before seen diversity of building materials and architectural designs, and that means that there is now a greater diversity in roof construction than ever before. The result is that roof maintenance has become more complex than a simple schedule of tearing off and re-roofing for many businesses and residential customers.

Luckily, this diversity in materials has also brought new solutions for roof maintenance that can extend the life of your roof by adding extra protection and taking care of small issues before they become big ones. In any roof maintenance program, there are three basic aspects to consider going in.

  1. Protective Coatings and Other Shielding Products

There are a variety of stand-alone products sold as roof maintenance systems, and they work pretty well if they are installed properly. Most of these systems consist of a clear elastopolymer that sprays on and forms a protective shell over existing roofing materials. These can be great for preserving the original look of a building while adding advanced protection, and they can really extend the life of a roof, but on their own they are still another roofing material, which is why it is important that any comprehensive maintenance program also considers the other two stages in this process.

  1. Professional Inspections and Assessments

Roof maintenance can be handled on a rotating basis to help avoid the costs associated with a total re-roofing in many situations. While there are still limits to the life expectancy of any roof, combining regular inspections with a protective shield can limit the number of repairs you need. In some cases, where all that is needed is a patch or applying some sealant, the repair might even be possible at the time of inspection.

  1. Cleaning and Weatherizing on a Schedule

The last step involved in setting up a roof maintenance system is planning for regular cleanings and other periodical tasks that keep the roof free of ice buildup, debris, and other potential sources of damage. Cleaning gutters, keeping adjacent trees trimmed, and preventing ice buildup are all essential steps that require regular attention, and getting on schedule with these issues will help to ensure that your annual inspections find fewer repairs to tackle.

Getting on track with your roof maintenance is easier with professional help. By working with your roofer as a team, you can get the most out of your property.


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