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Wood Deck Protection: Everything You Need to Know

Wood Deck Protection: Everything You Need to Know - All Climate Roofing

A wooden deck or patio is a great way to enjoy the beauty of nature.  In order to keep enjoying your deck, there are certain steps to take towards wood deck protection. Read the details below. Whether you’re catching up on your reading, entertaining guests, or enjoying lunch with your kids, your outdoor space is…

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5 Wood Deck Maintenance Tips For Summer

5 Wood Deck Maintenance Tips for a Fresh Summer Deck - ACR

The summer is the best time to be out on your deck. Place some lounge chairs out there, along with maybe a table and a cold drink, and you’re all set. To properly enjoy the sunshine though, you’ve got to ensure your deck is in peak condition. Here are some wood deck maintenance tips to…

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5 Common Reasons Your Deck Needs Wood Rot Repair

5 Common Reasons Your Deck Needs Wood Rot Repair - All Climate

Unfortunately, wood rot happens for a lot of reasons. But the great news is that there are a lot of options to wood rot repair and prevention. Below, you’ll find insight as to why rot occurs and the different ways to care for your wooden deck. When your deck is first installed, it will look…

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5 Reasons You Should Waterproof Plywood Decks

Waterproof Plywood Decks - All Climate Roofing

Decks are the perfect spot to relax in the summer time. To maintain them, you must waterproof plywood decks, especially in the hot California climate. Having a plywood deck on your home brings so many benefits to you as a homeowner. When they’re well cared for, they last for years, look great, and give you…

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How To Protect And Restore a Deck From Sun Damage

How to Restore A Deck After Sun Damage - All Climate Roofing

Over time, your deck faces a lot of weathering challenges, especially in sunny California. Because of this, it’s important to know how to protect and restore a deck from sun damage. Your deck looks fantastic when its first installed, but over time it will get damaged and need some TLC to get it looking its…

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Follow These 3 Steps for the Best Deck Coating In Summer

Deck Coating | All Climate Roofing

The countdown to summer is on. As the weather continues to become milder and warmer, you can finally start brushing off your patio furniture and get ready for meals on the porch and evenings sipping cocktails on your deck. Better yet – take advantage of the longer evenings and warm air by inviting your friends…

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Deck Refreshing

deck refreshing | All Climate Roofing

The weather can do a number on your deck, especially in the winter. The floorboards might be a bit worn and the handrails might be a bit wobbly. If this describes your deck, then you can do your own deck refreshing. Following these steps will help to give your deck that new finished look, and…

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How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Living Space

deck options

Outdoor living spaces are becoming hugely popular. Some elements of the perfect outdoor living space include comfortable furniture, professional hardscaping and unique water features. A relaxing, stylish outdoor living space or outdoor room can provide an oasis for family and friends to enjoy the outdoors in comfort. It can also greatly increase the appeal and…

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How to Maintain a Deck and Prevent Wood Damage

deck maintenance

Cleaning a wood deck can be a daunting task, but the process can be easy and simple with the appropriate equipment. A pressure washer can help relieve some of the fear and strain that is typically associated with cleaning an outdoor wooded surface.

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Top Acrylic Deck Coatings for Homeowners in Santa Barbara, California

deck coating

As summer quickly approaches, many homeowners in Santa Barbara, California are searching for a durable coating for their deck. Water-based 100 percent acrylic coatings are often a good choice as these products can create a flexible protective film that is resistant to the sun’s glaring rays. The three most popular types of deck coverage products…

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