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Spruce up Your Deck With These Outdoor Trends

Outdoor Deck Trends - All Climate Roofing

With summer here it’s time to spruce up your deck with these outdoor trends. Read more below…

Every space in your home should work for you, and that includes your deck. Not sure how to use it, or decorate it for the summer season? If that sounds like you, then you’ll want to check out this guide to some of the hottest decking trends right now.

Using Sustainable Products On Your Deck

This is a trend that’s huge in home renovation right now, and of course, you’ll want to think about it when it comes to your deck, too.

That’s something you’ll want to think about if you’re looking to install a deck in your yard. Typically, wood isn’t the most sustainable material out there, but there are options being delivered by companies right now that could work for you.

Composite wood, for example, is something that allows you to create a deck with sustainability in mind. They are made of wood fibers, plastics, and bonding agents. They are made by heating the mixture up and then compressing them into board-shaped lengths.

They are much more sustainable overall as they’re much easier to take care of. They’re resistant to rot and insect damage, and won’t warp or crack over time. As such, there’s less need to seal, inspect and replace the boards. The materials used in them are either recycled or sustainably sourced too, so you can be sure you’re making a sound ecological purchase.

When you’re able to make choices like these when you’re planning your new deck, it makes building one a better decision for the planet. Those who are trying to make environmentally friendly home renovations will love innovations like this.

Adding LED Lighting

Lighting is always a must, especially if you intend to be outside past sundown. If you have a deck, then you’ll want to take a look at LED lighting. It’s cost-effective but looks amazing when you install it thoughtfully.

For example, adding strip LED lights across deck railings looks great and adds light, all while being very cost-effective. You also have the option of inlaying stair lights, which are both safe and aesthetically pleasing.

However you install those lights, it allows you to enjoy your deck at any time of night or day.

Blurring Indoor And Outdoor Spaces

This is a trend that has been going on for a while, but it shows no sign of slowing down. If you have a beautiful outdoor space, you want to make the absolute most of it. That includes using your deck to the utmost, to bring the outdoors in.

How do people achieve this with their deck? There are lots of ways you can do so. One of the most popular options with an outdoor kitchen. You can make the most of the summer months by cooking and eating outdoors, really making the most of that deck and that living space. Some composite and steel decking types are more than sturdy enough to support an outdoor kitchen, so it’s something that you may want to look into.

If cooking isn’t your style though, there are lots of other ways you can make your deck more homely. For example, simply adding some comfortable loungers and a table out there in the summer allows you to sit out when the weather’s good, and enjoy your yard. Whether you’re sitting out with friends and wine, or just enjoying a good book alone, it really adds to your living space.

Think about your windows, too. If you’re able to, adding doors or a sliding patio door to the house out to the deck doers a lot to bring the outdoors in. Open up the doors when it’s warm, and you’ve got all that extra space to enjoy.

Low Maintenance Decking

Today’s homeowner has less time than ever before to keep up with the maintenance in their home. That’s why there’s been a huge rise in demand for low-maintenance decking, as that allows people to enjoy them without spending hours taking care of them.

Again, this is why steel and composite decking are becoming big sellers. Unlike regular wood, they won’t need to be fully sanded down and resealed every year, in order to keep them in good condition. Composite boards can be bought in any color you can think of, so you won’t need to buy the right stain or paint to get the color you want.

These types of decking are going to be resistant to insects too, so you won’t have to keep an eye out for infestation and potentially have to replace boards. That not only saves you a lot of time, but makes using the deck a lot safer too.

Making The Deck Pet Friendly

Something many homeowners will be thinking about will be making that deck pet friendly. There was a huge surge in pet adoptions thanks to the pandemic, and so more people than ever are looking to keep the styles of their homes while pet-proofing them.

The good news is, that you don’t have to get rid of your decking in order to keep your pets around. You’ll just need to make sure that you’re using the right decking type for them. Again, this is where composite decking comes into its own. It’s an incredibly strong type of decking, which can resist scratching from your pets’ claws.

They also don’t need harsh cleaning chemicals to clean them off, simply soap and water will do the job. As such, it makes it very safe to clean and you won’t have to worry about chemicals making their way onto your pets’ paws.

These are all great decking trends, and if they work for your home then they’re well worth looking into. However, remember that it’s your home, and you don’t have to go for trends if you don’t want to. If it doesn’t suit your home and lifestyle, then you can go for something different.

Wrapping Up Outdoor Deck Trends

These particular trends have been something that many are finding useful though, so if that sounds like something that you’d want to try out, try these ideas on your deck this summer.