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Roof Installation Steps to Install a New Roof

Roof Installation Steps to Install a New Roof | All Climate Roofing


The roof is one of the longest-lasting parts of your home. However, especially if you live in an older property, a time will come when it has to be replaced. Deciding to install a new roof is a major project, but once installed properly, a new roof will last for decades to come. Here is what to expect, and the proper roof installation steps when putting a new roof on your home.


Removing the Old Roof

The first of roof installation steps involves tearing off the old roof. This is done largely by brute force as the roof is stripped down to its bare frame. Old shingles are pried off and disposed of to leave a clean surface for the installation to take place.


Adding Embellishments

At this point, it’s time to make structural improvements to your roof if you want. This can include adding a skylight or chimney. These types of improvements may add quite a bit of time to your roofing project since they involve cutting through the roof and then carefully measuring roofing materials to go around the hole.


Roof Installation Steps

New shingles are laid in overlapping rows. This is often the easiest but also the most time-consuming part of the installation process as shingles have to be placed so as not to allow leaks or gaps where the wind can get in. Shingles can be attached with nails or industrial staples, both of which are strong enough to secure shingles against a variety of damage.


Finishing Touches

Depending on the type of roof you are installing and the weather in your area, it may be necessary to add some special features to the roof. For example, peaked roofs often benefit from having ridge vents, holes that allow air to circulate through the highest point of the roof to keep heat from building up.

Though roof installations look like a big job, they can generally be completed fairly quickly. Most are done within a day or two so you can get back to enjoying your home.