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The Benefits of Professional Solar Installation

Solar panels are swiftly coming down in price while still gaining efficiency, leading many people to adopt them as quickly as their budgets allow. Whether you are interested in renewable power for the cost savings, the environmental benefits, or for some combination of factors, the time has come for this technology to go mainstream.

Getting the most out of a solar installation is no easy task, though. With a variety of factors influencing the productivity of solar panels, finding the best installation path for your home or business can often involve some in-depth planning and execution.


Your solar output can be influenced by the following factors:

  • Size of each panel
  • Backing material used in the construction of panels
  • Angle of inclination
  • Hours of direct sunlight daily
  • Latitude
  • Local climate

These factors work together in complex ways, and some of them change throughout the day, which is why a professional solar installation can be so beneficial. Correctly calculating the best way to arrange a solar system for all-day power production requires experience and a knowledge of the way that emphasizing different factors can create trade-offs for the consumer.

Adjustable Tilt Options

Working with a professional can also help you to understand how adjusting the tilt of your solar panels to compensate for the changing height of the sun can bring you extra savings. With roof-mounted solar systems, you probably still want to let your installation specialists make the adjustment, but having the tilt changed to match the seasons can result in up to a 15 percent increase in the energy production. For larger systems, this more than makes up for the small costs associated with brief adjustment appointments.

Optimum Output

Optimum solar output is what it sounds like, an ideal set of circumstances. Working with a professional who understands the way solar roofing works and how placement and regular maintenance can increase power production can help you to approach this optimum as closely as your geography and climate allow, though. With the savings realized by renewable, self-generated power, it only makes sense to set it up for success.


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