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7 Energy Efficient Home Improvements To Consider

7 Energy Efficient Home Improvements To Consider - All Climate Roofing

Looking for the top energy efficient home improvements? Here’s a list to get started on the decision process. Energy Efficient Home Improvements When it comes to home improvements and renovations, many homeowners are looking to make improvements that improve their home efficiency. There are two main benefits to this. You’ll be able to make your…

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California Solar Panel Law: 10 Things To Know About Solar Panels

California Solar Panel Law: 10 Things To Know About Solar Panels-ACR

As a Californian, you’ll already know about laws being put in place right now around solar panels. These laws are stating that most single family residences must have solar panels installed, in an act to reduce the amount of energy consumed in the state. What do you need to know about solar panels before you…

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Solar Tubes Vs Skylights: Which Is Best For You?

Are Skylights or Solar Tubes Right for You | All Climate Roofing

With the frequent beautiful weather in Southern California, skylights and solar tubes are extremely popular. We’ve put together this guide to help you determine the difference between solar tubes vs skylights, and which option is right for you. Traditional skylight windows have been used for decades now, to let light into your attic rooms. They’re…

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9 Reasons to Consider Solar Roof Installation

Tesla, the company that produces electric cars and wall-mounted batteries, announced in October that it would begin manufacturing solar roofing tiles in 2017. Unlike the traditional panels that are designed to be mounted on top of an existing roof, these tiles are made of tempered glass and can completely replace the old roof. The shingles…

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Getting Homes in Shape for Summer Festivities

preparing for summer

Most people love the warm sunny days and relaxed attitudes that summer evokes. Children running in and out of the house all day and frequent outdoor evening parties are just some of the scenes that are played out during those fleeting three months that fall between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Here are some home…

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Extending the Life of Your Treasured Outdoor Living Spaces

home improvement

California decks are more than just a nice to have backyard feature. They are generally considered essential for people who love to entertain in a region that is known for homes with limited interior square footage. Decks also get more use in the Golden State than in many other places just because of the area’s…

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Roofing Inspectors Can Help Protect Your Roof

roof inspection

Roofing inspectors help protect one of the biggest investments a person ever makes in their lifetime. It is their business to inspect the roof of homes and businesses for any damage that may have been caused by a storm or just from natural wear and tear. Many people like to have annual inspections done as…

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The Benefits of Solar Installation

solar installation

You are probably hearing a lot about solar power in the news, in advertisements, and even around the proverbial water cooler. Considering that the concept of solar power has been around for nearly 200 years, and that solar energy has been used in the US for the last sixty, you might be asking yourself what…

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The Benefits of Professional Solar Installation

Installing Solar Panels

Solar panels are swiftly coming down in price while still gaining efficiency, leading many people to adopt them as quickly as their budgets allow. Whether you are interested in renewable power for the cost savings, the environmental benefits, or for some combination of factors, the time has come for this technology to go mainstream. Getting…

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Solar Tube Installation Brings Light in the Home

Solar Tube Installation Brings Light in the Home | All Climate Roofing

The sun’s ability to produce power and light is unparalleled when compared with everything else in the solar system. For dozens if not hundreds of years, inventors and scientists have been trying to figure out the best way to harness the sun’s energy. Modern solar panels and other innovations have become an extremely wise investment…

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