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5 Reasons You Should Waterproof Plywood Decks

Decks are the perfect spot to relax in the summer time. To maintain them, you must waterproof plywood decks, especially in the hot California climate.

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Having a plywood deck on your home brings so many benefits to you as a homeowner. When they’re well cared for, they last for years, look great, and give you extra living space you can use whenever the sun is out.

To keep it looking good though, you’ve got to waterproof it. Here’s 5 reasons why you need to waterproof plywood decks.


1. Moisture Is A Constant Concern

The biggest reason you need to waterproof your decking is because moisture is the enemy of plywood. When water gets into wood, it will allow it to start rotting and develop mold. These are the two fastest ways your deck will fall into disrepair.

If the deck is left long enough with water damage, it can start to fall apart and become dangerous to use.

It’s easy for water damage to happen without you even knowing about it. You can inspect your decking regularly, and it’s highly recommended that you do, but waterproofing it will ensure that your deck is protected from any damage that could occur.


2. It Saves You Money

When there is damage to your decking, you’ll need to get it repaired as soon as possible. If the damage is extensive, you’re going to find it’s expensive to repair it all. In most cases, those sections of wood will need to be taken out and replaced.

If the damage it bad enough, you’ll be faced with the cost of tearing the whole deck down and rebuilding it.

It’s expensive to do this, which is why you need to be waterproofing it. When you waterproof your deck, you’ll see that the damage it sustains is minimal at best.

Pair that with regular inspections, and you’ll be able to catch problems before they become expensive.


3. It Keeps Your Decking Safe

As mentioned earlier, if rot or mold sets in, it can lead to the decking breaking away or even crumbling, depending on the damage it’s sustained.

If this is happening, then you’ll see that the deck is dangerous to use. This is especially true if you have children. You don’t want to let children play on your deck if there’s a chance it’s beginning to rot.

That’s why it’s so important to waterproof it. You want to be able to use your deck safely, and know that it will hold steady under you when you’re enjoying it.

When you waterproof plywood decks, it stops that rot and mold from happening, so you won’t have to worry about it.


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4. It Helps Keeps The Pests Out

Pests are the bane of every homeowner’s existence. No matter how careful you are, eventually you’ll need to evict something that’s trying to take up residence in your home.

Your decking is no different. If it’s allowed to take on damage, it gives pests the perfect route in. Termites are the most common pest in decking, as the feed off the wood, weakening it and damaging it even further.

If you want to avoid having to bring in pest control, you’ll need to waterproof that deck. It’ll stop the damage from happening, so the pests won’t have a route into it.

It keeps the deck safe, and you’ll save money on bringing in experts to get rid of them.


5. Keep Your Deck Looking Beautiful

You want your plywood decking to look as good as the day it was installed. You can do that if you take good care of it. That includes waterproofing it. When you waterproof plywood decks, you increase the curb appeal of your home, making it look fantastic.

You may not be thinking of selling now, but if or when you do come to sell, it’s one less thing to worry about.

Waterproofing is a fairly simple job, and once it’s done it will keep water out of the wood for months to come. If you keep up with this, you’ll have a deck that looks fantastic and in pristine condition.


Types of Waterproof Plywood Decks

Now that you know why you should waterproof your deck, you’ll need to find out how to do it. There any companies out there that will take on the job for you, and in many cases this is the best thing to do.

Look for recommendations from friends and family, or read reviews online to find the best company for you.

But how will they waterproof your decking? Essentially, they will coat your deck in a substance that will repel water and look good at the same time.

There are several different coatings that they can use, including:

1. Clear Stains:

As the name suggests, these sealants allow the grain of your deck to show through. They will still be waterproof and include wood preservatives.

Some include oils that sustain the wood further, so do your research if this is the style of sealant you want.

2. Semi Transparent Stains:

These sealants are tinted so they will add color to your deck, but you’ll still be able to see the wood underneath. They also offer stronger protection, and are less likely to peel off.

However, the color can fade and so it will need reapplying in time.

3. Solid Stains:

These sealants are opaque, and rather than seeping into the wood they sit on top, like paint. They’re great if you’re looking to hide discoloration and want to create a uniform look to your decking.

If you apply your sealant yourself, it’s important to remember that you need to cover every part of the deck with it.

There needs to be a full barrier against water, so any chinks in the armor will let the water in. Cover every surface with it, and it will be protected against moisture, rot and mold.



These are the 5 most important reasons why you should waterproof your plywood decking. You’ll keep it from rotting, save money, improve the look of your home, and keep it safe to use.

Call a decking company to get it sealed away from water and keep it looking great.


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