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What Is The Best Deck Coating For Your California Home?

Your deck is susceptible to damage if not treated properly – especially in California; which is why finding the best deck coating for your home is essential.

Finding the Right Waterproofing and Coating for Your California Deck - All Climate Roofing

Having a deck in your yard is one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors. Place a patio table and chairs on it for breezy breakfasts, or add a Jacuzzi for relaxed evenings.

There’s all kinds of ways you can enjoy your deck. To keep that deck looking good, though, you’ve got to protect it with deck coating and waterproofing.

Here’s how to find the best deck coating to keep it looking great and in good condition for years to come.


Why Does Your Deck Need Coating?

A new deck looks great at first, but over time it will quickly develop problems.

Uncoated wood will begin to rot if it’s not protected from water and moisture. Wood rot repair is a serious problem that will be expensive to correct if you don’t spot it right away.

It’s also dangerous to you and your family. Rot will make the deck unstable, and could even collapse while you’re trying to use it.

That’s obviously the last thing you want to happen, so you’ve got to find ways to prevent it.

The Problem With Moisture

Also, you need to consider that your deck is a horizontal surface. In many cases, they don’t have good drainage systems.

When rainfall hits your deck, it won’t have anywhere to go. The water will simply sit there, and eventually seep through into the wood.

That’s when you get the problems that come with wood rot and mold.

You need to stop these problems before they occur. If you coat your deck as soon as you have it installed, you’re keeping it looking and performing as if it were brand new.


Best Deck Coating - All Climate Roofing


The Best Deck Coating Options For Your Deck

You’ve got a lot of choice when you’re looking for the best deck coating for your needs.

There’s different coatings that perform in different ways, so you’ve got to pick the one that’s best for you.

Here’s the different types you’ll find on the market:

1. Wood stain:

This is very commonly used on decking, and it’s clear why. It’s easy to apply, inexpensive, and looks good. If you want to go the DIY route, then this coating will sound like the best option to you.

Be aware though, that it’s not a perfect coating on its own. You need to add a good primer, and seal the stain well.

This will stop the stain from cracking when the wood expends or contracts, and stop water from getting into your deck.

2. Paint:

More homeowners are now looking at paint as a way to protect their decking. Modern flooring paints come in all kinds of colors, so you’ve got more choice than ever.

Paint’s also good at filling in small cracks and imperfections in the wood, so it’s a good choice if your focus is about the look of your deck.

Be aware though, paint is slippery when it’s wet, making it less safe for families. Also, you need to be very sure about the color before you apply it. Once the color is on, you’re going to find it very difficult to remove.

3. Polyurethane coatings:

If paint sounds good but you want a coating that’s harder wearing, then polyurethane coatings are the way forward.

They’re more commonly known for coating boats and garage floors, but they’re brilliant for decks that have a high amount of foot traffic.

They’re totally waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about water getting into the wood, and they’re resistant to UV light too. That’s perfect for Californians, as you don’t have to worry about the sun affecting your paint.

4. Acrylic coatings:

These are another common coating for decking. It’s popular as it’s cheaper than other methods, but still allows you to get a good finish on the deck.

You need to be aware that it’s a water based paint though, so this will affect how you apply it to your decking. If the wood gets wet before the paint has properly set, then it’s prone to running.

Also, acrylic coatings often don’t last as long as other coatings.


How To Apply Deck Coatings

The exact method you use to apply your coating will depend on which one you pick. Here are some good tips that will help you apply that coating well, to ensure that your deck is well covered and protected from the elements.

1. Wash down your deck:

No matter what coating you’re using, you need to be sure that the deck is as clean as it can be. If the deck isn’t cleaned, this will lead to imperfections in the coating, and possible entry points for moisture to get in and damage the wood.

Use a brush, bleach and water to scrub the deck down to get most of the dirt off.

Then, use a pressure washer to get every last inch of the wood before you clean it. Once you’ve done this, leave it for at least a day until it is totally dry.

2. Apply a primer:

You’ll next need to use a primer, in order to give your coating a good surface to stick to.

Use a natural bristle brush to apply this, as a foam brush won’t be able to stand up to the coating.

You’ll need to let this cure for at least three days, before you can move onto the next step.

3. Apply your coating:

Now, you can apply the coating that you’ve chosen for your deck.

Ensure that you’ll have a fun of dry days, so the coating will dry and cure properly, creating an impenetrable layer on the wood. Apply it with a roller with even strokes to let the color dry evenly.

Check the instructions to see how long it needs to dry, before you can use your decking.


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It’s important to use the best deck coating for your home in order to protect your decking. With the right coating your deck will last for years to come, avoiding mold and rot.

Pick the coating that works for you, and apply it carefully to ensure you get the best from it.

All Climate offers deck coating, resurfacing, and waterproofing. Contact us today.