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3 Myths About Solar Panel Roofing

Solar panels have been around for quite a while. The technology, solar photovoltaic, was discovered in 1839 by a French scientist, and in 1954, the first silicon photovoltaic cell, the precursor of today’s silicon cells, was developed. You would think that with such a long history behind it, everyone would by now fully understand solar technology, and its myths would have long been debunked.

However, today you can still hear a lot of rumors about solar panels.  Proponents of solar energy accuse the fossil-fuel energy market of starting and perpetuating these myths in a self-serving effort to undermine solar and promote their fossil fuel agenda.

As a result of this misinformation, many homeowners don’t think solar power is right for them. They believe the technology isn’t ready, they’re in the wrong location, or they simply can’t afford it. Since the myths about solar panels are too numerous to tackle in one article, let’s hone in on three of the most popular rumors and see how they stand up under the light of an objective investigation.

Myth #1: Solar panels won’t work in cold, snowy, or cloudy weather

According to this myth, low temperatures have a negative effect on solar panel power production and clouds and the snow that accumulates in the panels will render them ineffective.

Fact: The panels actually perform better in cold weather, and the effects from snow and clouds are minimal.

Solar panels produce power based on the amount of sunlight they receive. They are not affected by temperature. Surprisingly, solar PV panels work better in colder weather as opposed to extremely hot temperatures. Sunny, cold days in winter can generate as much solar energy as a hot, summer day. In fact, solar works very well throughout North America.

While snowy and cloudy weather reduces the amount of energy that solar panels can generate, they still work efficiently under these conditions. Tilting solar tracker units at a steeper angle can allow snow to slide off faster, and you can use a roof rake to remove snow from panels if it does accumulate.

Myth #2: The return on investment (ROI) is too long

Part of this myth says that solar panels require more energy to manufacture than they produce in their lifetime, meaning there is no benefit to energy conservation. The other part states that the huge initial outlay for the panels makes it impossible for a homeowner to see a reasonably fast ROI.

Fact: The Return on Investment is guaranteed at 5%-15%. You can expect free energy for many years.

A study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory conclusively demonstrates that energy payback for photovoltaic (PV) is less than four years. It states:

“Reaping the environmental benefits of solar energy requires spending energy to make the PV system. But…the investment is small. Assuming 30-year system life, PV-systems will provide a net gain of 26 to 29 years of pollution-free and greenhouse-gas-free electrical generation … So, for an investment of from 1 to 4 years’ worth of their energy output, PV systems can provide as much as 30 years or more of clean energy.”

Most solar panels have a 20 to 25-year warranty. They are guaranteed to produce at least 80% of their initial power. Grid-tie inverters, which typically have a 10- to 20-year warranty, will likely need to be replaced only once in the life of the system. The energy payback time of fewer than four years for a system–solar panels, inverter, racking, and cables– translates into many years of clean energy.

As for your personal ROI, it depends on your system and its location, but solar panels should pay for themselves within six to 15 years. If you include the most lucrative state and federal tax credits and incentives, you could see a payback of two to four years. Keep in mind that solar panels also increase the resale value of a home by about $15,000. You could see a significant ROI when you sell, even if you won’t be in your home for the next 15 years.

Myth #3: The panels need regular maintenance and can cause leaks

This myth has persisted for many years because many homeowners believe that the panels must constantly be cleaned to be effective and that attaching anything to your roof will cause leak points.

Fact: The panels require almost no maintenance and tend to protect your roof

There are no moving parts on solar panels, so there is no regular maintenance involved. Some owners opt to hose off the panels occasionally, but most don’t bother to wash them and count on the rain to keep them clean. Of course, it is recommended that any large debris is quickly removed from the panels.

Rather than weakening your roof, solar panels preserve the part of the roof they cover. If you ever must repair your roof, the panels can easily be removed. Most solar panels are not attached directly to the roof.  Instead, they are fastened to a mounted railing system. Sealants are used to fill the gaps and flashing acts as a moisture barrier around the mounts.

One last word of advice: If your roof already needs to be repaired or replaced, take care of the repairs before the installation.

Other myths that can also be handily debunked

Here are a few more myths about solar panels that consumers would be wise to take with a grain of salt:

  • You should wait until technology improves before investing in solar
  • Only a few states offer financial incentives for installing solar panels
  • Solar panels are unattractive
  • Solar panels require a tracking system to follow the angle of the sun
  • Solar is too expensive for widespread use
  • A solar system will raise my property taxes
  • If you don’t have a south-facing roof, you can’t do solar


Remember, installing solar panels might not be the best move for you right now. Consult with a professional roofing company to help you decide, and ignore all those myths..

Roofing Solar Power

Solar Power Growing

The energy revolution is here and starting to take over bit by bit. Renewable sources of energy including solar and hydroelectric are now representing about 30 percent of the world’s total capacity and 23 percent of the total global electricity. The World Energy Council (WEC) have released number stating that in the last ten years solar power and wind power have seen a huge annual growth of about 50 percent. Solar power is changing the game on energy for us at home, work and around the world.

With the world on notice of climate change occurring and our main sources of energy and power are causing issues, going the solar and wind route is really taking shape. The lower cost of going solar in your home is more feasible than ever. There are many different types of solar panels now to give you the best option for the price and what you are striving to get out of it. People that have gone solar have noticed the drastic drop in their energy bills.


For more information on how solar power is growing visit CNBC HERE



Solar Power

The Benefits of Solar Installation

You are probably hearing a lot about solar power in the news, in advertisements, and even around the proverbial water cooler. Considering that the concept of solar power has been around for nearly 200 years, and that solar energy has been used in the US for the last sixty, you might be asking yourself what all the hubbub is about. Below are some of the best reasons to consider solar today.

Reduce Monthly Energy Bills

With energy costs rising all the time, consumers are feeling the crunch. Trying to cut down on your energy use is one thing, but when essentials like your refrigerator or water heater are responsible for most of your energy consumption, it can be hard to reduce. Solar panels on your home can drastically decrease the amount you fork over to the electric company every month.

Save Money on Installation

As few as ten years ago, the installation costs of solar panels were prohibitive for most homeowners. But new rebate programs and incentives for consumers who install solar are at an all-time high. The benefits vary depending on your area, but many solar companies have programs designed to help you offset installation expenses.

Improved Quality and Lifespan

A common concern when investing in any major purchase is the expected lifespan. Today’s solar panels have a lifespan of at least 20 years, and almost all of them come with a manufacturer’s warranty and other performance guarantees.

Expanded Usage Potential

Solar companies will examine your energy usage and recommend solar capacity based on it. A common mistake many homeowners make is increasing their energy usage after their solar panels are installed, then being disappointed that their electric bill did not change. If you are installing solar panels so that you can run your A/C unit day and night, or so you can install a new hot tub, make sure to take that usage into account.

Installing solar panels is a terrific way to reduce your dependence on the grid and lower your electric bill. Consult with a qualified installer to find out all the ways solar can benefit you.


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Solar Power

Tips for Buying Solar Panels

Harnessing the power of the sun is a great way to save energy and money, but you want to make sure you do it right, otherwise you might experience a solar headache. As you are learning about the advantages of solar power, learn how to buy your new panels the right way.


Calabasas Roofing Professionals Have Solar Power Solutions

Years ago when solar power provided relief from rolling back-outs, Calabasas roofing companies worked to integrate roofing systems with solar panels. The energy policy in California made this concept an urgent one, with designs turning towards the incorporation of the two systems. The results now provide better designs, lower electricity expenses and increased environmental dividends.


Solar Tube Installation

What Are Solar Tubes and How Do They Work?

Many homeowners are looking for ways to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and are turning to alternative ways to provide lighting inside. While skylights have been very popular for many years, there is a new technology that more and more people are choosing for their homes. Solar tube installation has dramatically increased, and for good reason. Replacing the need for electric lights, energy costs can be reduced by installing solar tubes. But what is a solar tube?

A solar tube, also called a sun pipe or sun scope, is a cylinder that is installed from the roof into any room in the house that provides natural light. Using reflective material inside the tube, light is reflected directly into the room and often provides enough daytime sunlight to reduce the need for electric lights. Solar tube installation can be fairly simple when done by professionals who have experience doing so, and homeowners can get all of the benefits of a skylight with very limited demolition.


Solar Roofing Benefits

These days most people are looking for the best way to cut down the costs of owning a home wherever they can. The funny thing is that even when some homeowners find an effective way to reduce overall costs, the initial investment can sometimes make them hesitate. As far as reducing energy costs to your home, you might be surprised what you may be able to learn from a Ventura County roofing contractor. Solar roofing could ultimately provide you benefits like improved climate control, reduction in energy costs, and they are environmentally friendly.


Improved Climate Control

Having solar roofing could ultimately help you better control the climate of your attic, if you have one. You should not need to stress about turning on the air conditioning, or that your items will get damaged from summer heat. Not only could a solar roof help control the temperature of your attic, but it can help with the entire home, too. If you are one of those people that hesitates to use the A/C in the summer due to the cost, then solar roofing can help to keep your entire home a little cooler.


Energy Cost Reduction

If you are not turning on the A/C as much thanks to the solar roofing installed by your Ventura County roofing contractor, then you are not paying as much for your energy. In addition, solar panels do not require energy to function. They absorb what they need from the sun.


Environmentally Friendly

When you use certain energy-consuming items in your home, you are still giving off some sort of carbon footprint. Since solar panels do not require the expense of energy to function, they do not harm the environment with harmful gases. This means less pollution coming from your home, helping to improve the environment around you.

If you are serious about finding ways to cut down your energy costs as a homeowner, then you might consult with a Ventura County roofing contractor to see what can be done. The benefits of solar roofing could end up surprising you.


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Solar Attic Fan Installation

The power of the sun is a remarkable thing. From helping to grow our food to warming our bodies on a cold winter’s day, it can provide for humans in many ways. Today, solar power has become a popular way to reduce energy bills and lessen the carbon footprint of a home or business. Alongside the solar panels that help heat water and create energy, many homeowners are incorporating solar attic fans. When a solar attic fan installation is complete, a home can be heated, cooled, and protected from environmental damage.


Solar Installation Camarillo | Benefits

There is a big push to “go green” in every area of your life: how you get to work, what you eat and how you throw out your trash. When it comes to powering your home, there are many options that can reduce your carbon footprint. The benefits of solar installation Camarillo residents can enjoy are many.

One of the most attractive aspects of installing solar panels is that they can save homeowners money. The panels harness the energy of the sun to bring power into your home, which means you rely less on the power grid. You will notice short-term benefits through saving money on your electric bills immediately. Solar power can actually give you a big return on your investment in the long-term because of these energy savings as well as state and federal tax breaks that are offered if you choose to install solar panels.

Energy costs continue to rise as fossil fuels are dwindling. When you are using solar power, you will be able to stave off those increases by essentially locking in what your costs are. You will essentially protect yourself from escalating energy costs. For solar installation in Camarillo, it is important to find a trusted company that can provide you with information on current energy costs in your area and how you will be able to save money.

You can increase your home’s value through solar panel installation. Many potential buyers will see the panels as a benefit and cost-savings, as they know it will lead to lower utility bills. Some studies show that you can increase the value of your home by as much as 20 percent, which may be attractive for those looking to offset the cost.

Lastly, you can reduce your impact on the environment by taking advantage of solar power. As a result of harnessing energy from the sun, your home will emit far less carbon into the air. Find a solar installation Camarillo company that can help you take advantage of the benefits of alternative energy sources.

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Solar Power

3 Benefits of Solar Energy Installation Ventura County


Solar energy installation has become increasingly popular and has tremendous potential. It is one of the most promising types of green, renewable energy. Here are 3 benefits of solar installation in Ventura County.

Solar energy installation saves money

There are several ways installing solar panels can help the pocketbook. They can lower monthly electric bills. Solar panels can potentially produce some income for a homeowner if a utility company ends up purchasing excess power generated by the homeowner’s solar panels. Incentives, frequently in the form of tax rebates, can assist in off-setting installation costs. The solar industry has also been contributing to the US economy by creating jobs.

Good for the planet

Solar energy installation harnesses the power of the sun to produce clean energy. It does not produce the greenhouse gas emissions that fossil fuels such as oil and coal do. Solar panels also only require a small footprint. They can be placed on the tops of homes or office buildings for maximum space efficiency. Another place where solar panels are found is in deserts where there is plenty of space and a low population. The biggest solar power plant in the world is located in California in the Mojave Desert.  Solar power reduces our dependence on fossil fuels and the countries that produce them.

Can help ease power grid congestion

Utility companies struggle to provide enough power during the hot days of summer when air-conditioners are always on. Sometimes utility companies can’t keep up with demand and brownouts occur. Brownouts usually happen in the late afternoon when temperatures peak. Solar power systems produce the most energy during the same time of day. They are a great way to help ease the strain on United States power grids.

Solar energy installation in Ventura County is on the rise. It can help to save homeowners money and is good for the planet. It can also help solve the increasing frequency of brownouts by providing some energy that would normally need to be supplied by power grids.