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Solar Power Growing

The energy revolution is here and starting to take over bit by bit. Renewable sources of energy including solar and hydroelectric are now representing about 30 percent of the world’s total capacity and 23 percent of the total global electricity. The World Energy Council (WEC) have released number stating that in the last ten years solar power and wind power have seen a huge annual growth of about 50 percent. Solar power is changing the game on energy for us at home, work and around the world.

With the world on notice of climate change occurring and our main sources of energy and power are causing issues, going the solar and wind route is really taking shape. The lower cost of going solar in your home is more feasible than ever. There are many different types of solar panels now to give you the best option for the price and what you are striving to get out of it. People that have gone solar have noticed the drastic drop in their energy bills.


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