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How to Prepare for Your Roofing Project

Congratulations—you’ve decided to go forward with your roofing project and will soon have a nice new roof on your home. Your home will look better, save you money on energy bills, and keep your family safer. A new roof is a great investment in the future and you won’t regret it.

Although professional roofing contractors do their best to make the process of installing a new roof on your home as quick and painless as possible, there is no avoiding the inconvenience that comes with undertaking a roofing project. To make the project go as smoothly as possible, we’ve outlined a few ways that you can prepare your home and your family to keep them as safe and happy as possible during the install.

Make Sure to Provide Access to Your Yard

When the crew shows up on the first day to install your new roof, they will need access to your driveway and all areas of your yard. Make sure that the driveway is clear and there is a large area on one side for roofing materials. Also, the crew will need a place to park their vehicles, so put your bikes and extra cars in the garage.

If you will not be present when the crew arrives, make sure that you have unlocked all gates and pets are secured. Do yard work, trimming bushes and trees to allow workers access to the roof. Trees that hang on the roof can be a danger to workers if they need to move around them. Look around to make sure the roof is clear and easy to move around.

Protect Your Property from DamageRoofing Project | All Climate Roofing

During your roofing project, there will be a lot of debris falling from the roof area as the roof is torn off and replaced. To protect your property, store your vehicles, boats, RVs, and trailers away from the house. Remove items like grills, plants, toys, and patio furniture from the yard and area around the house. This will ensure your property is not damaged from roofing materials, and will also allow workers clear access to the roof, as well as the yard for cleanup.

Cover your pool so loose debris does not fall in it. After the new roof is installed, look carefully to make sure that roofing materials and other debris are completely cleaned up before you use it again.

Prepare the Inside of Your Home

One area that many homeowners neglect to think about is how their roofing project will affect the inside of their home. With a few preparations, you can prepare for the project so that your home environment remains clean and undamaged.

The attic of your home may contain a lot of dust and debris during the construction, so it is a good idea to remove items before the start of the job. Roofing can also cause your home to vibrate and you may want to remove artwork, mirrors, and other items from the walls. If you have fragile vases or other decorative items around your house, consider taking these down to a more secure area to protect them from damage.

The roofing contractor or workers will need access to your circuit breakers during the project if the breakers are tripped. Make sure that these are accessible and inform the contractor where it is located. Also check to make sure that your carbon monoxide sensor is working properly or purchase one if you do not own one for your home. This is an extra safety precaution since the installing a new roof can sometimes disturb your HVAC.

Keep Children and Pets Safe

While the installation of your roof is going on, your home will feel like a construction site. Not only will it feel that way, but it will also have many of the dangers that are involved in any construction project. Materials and equipment will remain around your home and yard while your home is being re-roofed, and they will be there for the duration—possibly even during the evenings and nights when no one is working. There will be items such as sharp metal flashing, nails, tools, and ladders that may attract curious children and pets.

Because of the danger during re-roofing, it is important to keep children and pets away from the work area to ensure they are safe and free from harm. If you or your children are allergic to dust or are asthmatic, you may want to consider staying somewhere else during the construction of a new roof. There could possibly an accumulation of dust in your home during the project.

Prepare for Noise

Installing a new roof is not a quiet undertaking. There will be constant pounding for several days on your roof. If you, your children, or your pets are sensitive to noise, you may want to consider being away while the project is going on. Think about pets beforehand, since you may not be at home with them during the day. Some homeowners decide to board their pets at a boarding facility or with friends and family for the duration of the roofing project, especially if they are anxious or barking because of the noise.

Alert Your Neighbors

As a courtesy, it is nice to notify your neighbors before your roofing project begins, to let them know that there may be more noise and traffic than normal around your home. It also gives them a chance to move their cars or other property further away to ensure they are not damaged during the project.

Letting your neighbors know is a good way to open communication with them in the case that there is an issue during or after the project. Let them know that if they have any problems, they can alert you and you will speak to the roofing contractor. A professional roofing company will always clean up and try to minimize inconvenience to your neighbors, since many companies gain business from the referrals of customers to their neighbors.

With a little preparation and a lot of patience, your roofing project will go smoothly and successfully. In a few short days, you will have a quality investment in your home and your family’s future. Enjoy your new roof!


  1. Max Sayer on September 11, 2017 at 4:48 pm

    You provide a great point about protecting the inside of your home. My parents had to some damage done to some artwork when they had to repair their roof. I’ll have to keep this in mind.