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Deck Waterproofing Among 9 Winter Home Maintenance Tasks | All Climate Roofing

  Fall is the time to prepare your house with winter home maintenance tasks. Although sparkling icicles and fluffy snow may be gorgeous to look at, they can wreak havoc on your home and property. If you are like many homeowners, you may not be aware of everything that needs to be done to keep your…

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Considering Roof Installation? How to Know When It's Time | All Climate Roofing

  Even the most conscientious homeowners find it easy to pay little attention to their roofs. Other than making sure that any leaves or other residue is removed and the gutters are cleaned, not much thought about the roof occurs unless a problem develops and they need to consider roof installations. Since even the highest-quality…

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deck refreshing | All Climate Roofing

The weather can do a number on your deck, especially in the winter. The floorboards might be a bit worn and the handrails might be a bit wobbly. If this describes your deck, then you can do your own deck refreshing. Following these steps will help to give your deck that new finished look, and…

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Cleaning Solar Panels | All Climate Roofing

For the most part solar panels are usually self cleaning. Though if you live in dry areas, dust, bird droppings, and dirt can build up over time and cause a problem for the amount of electricity is generated. Cleaning solar panels is not an easy job, but is do able on your own. There are…

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Roofing Moorpark - All Climate Roofing

In the last few years homeowners are starting to be more energy conscious. Solar panels on the roof are becoming more and more prevalent as well as more energy minded materials. There is a debate about using asphalt shingles versus concrete tile on your roof in regards to making your home more energy efficient. There…

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