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Considering Roof Installations? How to Know When It's Time

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Even the most conscientious homeowners find it easy to pay little attention to their roofs. Other than making sure that any leaves or other residue is removed and the gutters are cleaned, not much thought about the roof occurs unless a problem develops and they need to consider roof installations. Since even the highest-quality roof will eventually need replacing, it pays to be aware of the signs that a change is in order. Here are some signs that the time to call a contractor and look into new roof installation options has arrived.


Weakened Roofing Materials

During the most recent gutter cleaning, it became apparent that the roofing materials are not as sturdy as they were in the past. The shingles are brittle and some of them cracked as the homeowner moved along the roofline.

In this scenario, there’s not much point in trying to replace the cracked shingles and apply a fresh coat of a protecting agent. A better solution is to arrange for a contractor to visit the home and discuss different roof installations or replacement options with the homeowner.


Damage from a Storm

The roof seemed to be holding up well until the last storm. Between the high winds, the driving rain, and the amount of hail that fell, the roof is a little worse for wear. A professional can examine the roof and determine if the damage can be repaired. If the cost of the repair will come close to the expense of a complete roof replacement, the homeowner would do well to consider the latter solution.


Mold in the Attic

While no watermarks have appeared on the ceilings yet, the attic has a decidedly musty aroma. After looking around a little, the homeowner realizes that the rafters and several other parts of the framework are covered with a thin layer of mold. That indicates precipitation is getting into the attic somewhere. Only a contractor can be sure, but it may take a new roof installation to eliminate the problem.


The Roof is Getting Old

While looking through documents related to the home, the owner is shocked to learn that the current roof has been in place for four decades. Some quick research indicates the average life of those roofing materials happens to be closer to three decades.

Knowing that it’s only a matter of time before a major issue develops; now is a good time to think about replacing that aging roof. Assuming there is only one layer of roofing present, a professional may be able to install a second roof on top and keep the cost a little lower. Be aware that if there are already two layers on the home, local safety regulations may require that all the old materials be removed and new roofing installations on the framework.


Time for Roof Installations

The updates to the home façade have left the old roof looking a little out of place. Now would be a good time to think about choosing a new style and color. A professional can make recommendations based on the home design, the colors used for the exterior, and the durability of different roofing materials. The contractor may recommend something that will easily last for up to five decades.

A home is one of the most significant investments most people will make. Don’t let a damaged or aging roof undermine the value of that investment. Have a contractor check the roof today and determine if you need roof installations. The right choice will save a lot of frustration later on.