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Deck Refreshing

The weather can do a number on your deck, especially in the winter. The floorboards might be a bit worn and the handrails might be a bit wobbly. If this describes your deck, then you can do your own deck refreshing. Following these steps will help to give your deck that new finished look, and you’ll be good to go.

The first step is to inspect your deck. Look for loose fasteners, cracked joints, and rotted wood. Also remember to check the footings, posts, and beams underneath. Check the crevices of your deck and clean out any loose debris from the trees or other odds and ends. Next up get the hose and spray down the deck to loosen up all dirt, grime and stains. A high pressure nozzle will help really get those deep stains and caked dirt off. Sometimes you might want to consider using a deck cleaner to add an extra layer of cleanliness.

After your deck is all swept, hosed down and dry, it’s now time to paint and or stain. Most decks need a new coast of paint or stain every 2 to 3 years. As a side note, check the paint or stain you buy to make sure it has mildew and moisture resistance. Depending on how bad your deck is, it might require a couple coats to really bring it back. Once it is all dry, you can put all your furniture, BBQ, and other trinkets back. If you aren’t using the things out on your deck on a regular basis, it might be best to cover up the furniture and such.

For more information on deck refreshing visit Bob Vila HERE