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Archive for September 2015

What’s That on Your Roof?

roofing types

The roof of your home is working hard each and every day. It takes a beating from the weather, fights off mold, and keeps your family dry. You can make sure your roof is safe and strong with proper maintenance and timely repairs. However, if you need major work or you bought a house that…

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Roof Maintenance: A Little Goes a Long Way

roof maintenance

As with many things, a little bit of maintenance can prevent a ton of expense and stress when it comes to prolonging the lives of our roofs. They are designed and constructed to last for decades, but their durability may be compromised by many different factors. Here is a good preventive roof maintenance plan.

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The Benefits of Solar Installation

solar installation

You are probably hearing a lot about solar power in the news, in advertisements, and even around the proverbial water cooler. Considering that the concept of solar power has been around for nearly 200 years, and that solar energy has been used in the US for the last sixty, you might be asking yourself what…

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How to Choose the Best Type of Roofing for Your Home

roofing for your home

The roof of your home has a tough job. It takes the brunt of any weather you have to protect you from the whims of Mother Nature. Whether you are building new or replacing your roof, learn a little about your options to choose the best type of roofing for your home.

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How to Care for Your Roof

roof maintenance

When your roof is doing what it should, you do not ever have to think about whether or not it is in good repair. But by the time you realize there is a problem, it may be too late. Learn what you can do to care for your roof and take preventive measures to stop…

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Essential Improvements for Your Home

home improvement

If you are addicted to home improvement shows, you probably dream of open-concept kitchens and luxurious en suite bathrooms. While these rooms can definitely add value to your home, the most important home improvements you can make are slightly less glamorous, but likely more necessary to the long-term health and safety of your home. Taking…

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The Ins and Outs of Roof Installation

roof installation

Replacing or repairing a roof can be a complicated process, but it does not have to be. You just need to make a few key decisions and consult with professionals. Once you accomplish this, you will be ready to move forward in the process. A great place to start is with the overall design of…

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