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What’s That on Your Roof?

The roof of your home is working hard each and every day. It takes a beating from the weather, fights off mold, and keeps your family dry. You can make sure your roof is safe and strong with proper maintenance and timely repairs. However, if you need major work or you bought a house that needs a replacement, you have several options for roofing materials.

Asphalt Shingles

By far the most common and inexpensive choice among roofing materials, asphalt shingles have a lot of other selling points. They are readily available, easy to install, and offer a quick turnaround time. They also come in several different colors and styles for a custom look on your rooftop. They are fairly lightweight and long lasting as well.


Metal roofs last a long time, and their durability makes them a better choice for storm-prone areas such as the South. They also are terrific for resisting mold growth. However, metal has a higher initial price tag, and some people complain they are louder during rain showers.

Clay Tiles

Very popular in the Southwest and California, clay tile roofs are beautiful to look at and quite durable. Tiles may reduce heating and cooling costs thanks to their superior insulation, plus they do not transfer heat from the sun’s rays as much as other materials. However, it’s important to remember that clay tiles may break when stepped on, which means only a professional should perform maintenance on your roof.

Cedar Shakes

Cedar shakes can’t be beat when it comes to visual appeal. They lend a very specific look to roofs that’s reminiscent of coastal homes. Although they can be durable and weather resistant, they still are not as long lasting as some of the other options. Plus, installation of shakes is more costly and time consuming.

When it comes to options for new roofs, there are many great ones. This list should help you make the best decision for your home and climate.


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