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Archive for December 2014

Maintaining Your Modified Bitumen Roof

Gone are the days of old asphalt roofs. Many homeowners are quickly embracing a modern alternative: modified bitumen. This type of membrane roofing system offers a variety of benefits. It’s affordable. It’s versatile. It’s durable. But it’s important to show your roof a little TLC in return. Preserve the life and benefits of your roof by…

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Roofing Lingo Defined

Do you feel like you have no idea what your roofers are talking about? When estimators come out to assess a project, does it seem like they’re speaking a foreign language? Obscure shoptalk may leave you feeling puzzled and unsure of the services you’re about to receive. You may even begin to doubt the legitimacy…

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How to Prepare Your Roof for Santa Ana Winds

High Santa Ana Winds Causing Roof Damage - All Climate Roofing

When you first bought your home in Los Angeles, you probably knew about the Southern California earthquakes. But you may not have heard about the Santa Ana winds that come during the fall and winter. When you first start researching them, Santa Anas sound frightening. They bring a dry heat and sometimes hurricane-force winds, causing…

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3 Popular Roofs in Southern California

Roofs protect us from the elements: heat, wind, rain, and snow. They shelter us from the sun and keep out the cold. Without a solid roof over your head, you have an incomplete home. You already know roofs are important. So they deserve as much care and attention when you choose a new roof as…

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