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3 Popular Roofs in Southern California

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Roofs protect us from the elements: heat, wind, rain, and snow. They shelter us from the sun and keep out the cold. Without a solid roof over your head, you have an incomplete home. You already know roofs are important. So they deserve as much care and attention when you choose a new roof as you would choosing any other part of your home.

When you go to pick out a roof, you must consider your location and climate. If you live in Southern California, you need to think about which roof will last a long time in the heat and keep you cool. In this blog, we’ll explore which roofs will do just that for you in the great state of California.

Clay Tile Roof

The clay tile roofs you see today draw their inspiration from regions of Spain, Italy, and later, Mexico. Since then, we have adopted them in the Southwest regions of the United States. These types of homes are often classified as Spanish- or mission-style homes. They reflect the missions built throughout Mexico when the area was first being settled.

But this historically rich piece of architecture is more than its appearance. These clay tiles work to keep your home cool and protected from the heat of the sun. When manufacturers bake clay tiles, the tiles become hard and impermeable. They keep heat out of the house and cool air from escaping.

To allow for some natural circulation, clay tiles are often arched in an “S” shape. Laid down, they allow water from desert rainstorms to easily run off the roof. Clay tiles are a popular and effective choice for roofing in Southern California.

Metal Roof

When you think of metal in the heat, you probably think about your metal cookware or how hot your metal car gets in the summer. Metal roofs do react with the amount of heat they take in, but they are still be an excellent choice for homes in Southern California.

Metal roofs reflect heat during the day to keep your home cooler. Then, when temperatures cool off at night, a metal roof will cool a home down along with the temperature because metal holds heat for less time.

Metal roofs are durable. While they sometimes cost more to install, they require very little maintenance. So once you install a metal roof, you’ll be good to go. Many people choose a metal roof for their homes as a preface to installing solar panels, which sit perfectly on metal roofs.

Wood Shingle Roof

No one can deny the aesthetics of a wooden roof. They are a beautiful addition to a wooden home and are helpful in hot climates. These shingles can last up to 50 years, but only if installed by an experienced craftsmen. Make sure you do your research before you buy.

Wood shingles are thick and tough. When they’re laid down, they give a roof space to breathe, and they let air circulate throughout the house. At the same time, the layer under the wood on top of your home provides insulation during cold nights. In warm, dry climates, wood roofs are a safe choice-it is uncommon for moss and mold to grow here. Compared to metal roofs, wooden roofs do require more maintenance, but it’s worth it to create an earthy, organic, or home-grown look.

Consider these popular roofs and more when you’re building a new home or replacing your old roof in Southern California. And remember, no matter which material you select, make sure to consult a roofing contractor before you get started.