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Archive for January 2014

Ojai Roof Repair | Metal Roof Installation

Camarillo Deck Coating Services | All Climate Roofing

Maintaining a roof in the sunny and hot weather of California can be a challenge for any homeowner. Constant heat exposure can cause cracked shingles as well as high electricity bills due to constant use of air conditioners. However, by enlisting the help of an Ojai roof repair company, you can protect, repair, and maintain…

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Solar Roofing Benefits

These days most people are looking for the best way to cut down the costs of owning a home wherever they can. The funny thing is that even when some homeowners find an effective way to reduce overall costs, the initial investment can sometimes make them hesitate. As far as reducing energy costs to your…

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Simi Valley Roofing Company | Protect Your Home With A Professional

California. It is a land of sunshine, beaches, celebrities, and at times, unpredictable weather. The state can experience everything from blistering hot days to severe cold snaps, leaving homes, especially roofs vulnerable to damage. If you are a member of the Simi Valley community, then you will probably benefit for researching a Simi Valley roofing…

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Solar Attic Fan Installation

The power of the sun is a remarkable thing. From helping to grow our food to warming our bodies on a cold winter’s day, it can provide for humans in many ways. Today, solar power has become a popular way to reduce energy bills and lessen the carbon footprint of a home or business. Alongside…

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Newbury Park Roofing Job Part Three

Newbury Park roofing job part 3: We added new Landmark Lifetime Presidential Composition shingles, Autumn Blend. The 3-dimentional pattern nicely blended in beige, green and black colors. Superior quality and look!   If you are reading this on any other blog than All Climate Roofing Blog or via my RSS Feed, it is stolen content without…

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Oxnard Roof Repair | Finding Quality in Your Oxnard Roofer

A leaking roof is no laughing matter.  Once tiles or shingles are broken or missing, the exposed under boards offer little or no protection to your home.  This opens up areas that are not meant to be open, and wind and rain can then strip away more of the roof and soak down into boards,…

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Roof Maintenance Ventura County | Why do I Need it?

Many people have difficulty convincing themselves to keep up on maintenance. Because of this tenancy, roofs do not last as long as they should. Those who do not have regular maintenance performed are much more likely to be surprised by premature and costly problems. The nominal price of roof maintenance Ventura County leaves little excuse…

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Oak Park Roof Repair

The roof of your home or business can deteriorate over time. Depending upon the material that was used, there can be a variety of issues that will need to be repaired.  Different types of materials used for roofing include: asphalt shingles, wood shingles and shakes, clay and concrete tiles, metal, and rubber membrane roofing. Usually,…

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Solar Installation Ventura County

Solar Installation Ventura County: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint | All Climate Roofing

With the recent emphasis on environmental efficiency, responsible consumers are doing everything they can to go green by using environmentally friendly options where they can. One fix that will decrease your carbon footprint and increase your monetary savings is solar installation and roofing. Whether you own a home or a business, solar panels will be…

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Agoura Hills Roofing | Repairing Your Damaged Ridge

The ridge of your roof is the top of the angle where two slopes meet. For shingled roofs, a row of bent shingles is used to cap the ridge. This cap is important because otherwise water could seep between the peak that is created by shingles meeting from the opposite slopes. Unfortunately, the bent shingles…

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