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Solar Installation Ventura County

Solar Installation Ventura County: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint | All Climate Roofing

With the recent emphasis on environmental efficiency, responsible consumers are doing everything they can to go green by using environmentally friendly options where they can. One fix that will decrease your carbon footprint and increase your monetary savings is solar installation and roofing. Whether you own a home or a business, solar panels will be beneficial to you and the planet.  In California, look for a professional roofing company to complete solar installation Ventura County.


Types of Solar Installation Ventura County

There are variances in sizes for solar systems and the size of the one you choose to install for your home will decide how much of a financial gain you will have.  An average size installation can save from 50 – 100% of your electric bill. As an added benefit, studies have shown that the addition of a solar roof will increase the value of your home and will make your home more attractive to potential buyers, meaning your property will sell in a shorter time than those without solar power. The earth will thank you as well, as solar paneling conserves water and reduces our reliance on nonrenewable resources for energy.


Cost Savings of Solar Energy

Installing solar roofing for businesses is a fiscally sound move. Not only will it save on energy bills, but the government rewards this responsible choice with tax breaks that can generate savings upwards of thousands of dollars each year. In Southern California, it is estimated that over a 25 year period, a business that has a solar roof will save nearly two-million dollars.  Believe it or not, making the choice to install a solar roof can also lead to an increase in your customer base as it can have positive public relations.  Solar panels also require a minimum amount of maintenance and have a lifespan of 25 years or more. Research will allow you to find solar companies who manufacture their product in the USA.

If you live in Southern California and are interested in making an environmentally friendly change, make “solar installation Ventura County ” your new motto.