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Agoura Hills Roofing | Repairing Your Damaged Ridge

The ridge of your roof is the top of the angle where two slopes meet. For shingled roofs, a row of bent shingles is used to cap the ridge. This cap is important because otherwise water could seep between the peak that is created by shingles meeting from the opposite slopes. Unfortunately, the bent shingles used to create the cap do not normally last as long as the rest of the shingles on the roof. If no action is taken when the ridge caps wear out, your roof will most likely begin to leak. Thankfully, expert Agoura Hills roofing companies can replace your damaged singles for a nominal cost. The work can be completed in a short time, generally a single day, and by repairing the damage early you can save yourself the expenses of leakage and a new roof.

Once your ridge is damaged, you should not wait to have it repaired. Remember, it is inexpensive and fast to repair a ridge. If you wait until water begins leaking, then your simple project becomes expensive very quickly. An Agoura Hills roof repair company can schedule an appointment to take off the damaged shingles and replace them.

Because this project seems minor, some people feel tempted to try it on their own. Unless you have a strong background in roofing, it is generally unwise to attempt a project such as this without professional help. In roofing, serious mistakes are easy to make, such as poorly attaching the shingles or leaving nails exposed. These mistakes can cost you significant money because they quickly lead to leakage problems. In addition to these potential financial problems, most do-it-yourselfers run great physical risk because they operate without safety equipment. Regardless of how certain you are about your footing, falls do happen. The potential long-term health problems that can come from a fall off even a one-story roof are not worth the little bit of money you save by trying it on your own.

After a competent Agoura Hills roof repair team performs ridge repair on your roof, you can feel good about the fact that you have protected your home from leaks. In doing so, you have also extended the life of your roof. This simple repair is inexpensive and fast when you have it done by qualified professionals.


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