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Which Type of Roof Is Best for My Home?

There are many options available for residential roofing materials. Each have their own benefits and drawbacks, and choosing the right one is dependent upon a variety of factors.

These factors include your desired initial, upfront costs, the types of benefits you are looking for, and how long you want your roof to last.

Most roofing contractors will offer specific roofing options, though each contractor may specialize in a number of other types.

Concrete and Clay Tile Roofs

These roofs have a very classic look and are quite common for residential structures.

The concrete and tile roofs usually come in a variety of brown- and orange-colored hues.

Concrete and clay tile roofs are energy efficient due to slight circulation underneath the tiles. They are also resistant to wind, fire, and moisture.

While individual tiles may need to be replaced, overall, the roofs can last up to 50 years.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are extremely durable due to their strong properties.

Since metal reflects heat, homes with metal roofs are often naturally cooled in the summer months. Just like concrete and clay tile roofs, metal roofs can withstand wind, fire, and moisture.

They are also usually a very cost-effective option.

Composite Shingles

Composite shingles are generally the least expensive roofing material. They don’t last as long as other types of roofs, but they do not require as much of an investment upfront.

Composite shingles also have a pleasant appearance, so they are inexpensive without looking cheap.

Even with detailed information about the different types of residential roofs, it can often be hard for homeowners to make a completely informed decision.

Good roofing contractors will work with the homeowner to choose the best option based on a variety of needs and expectations.

It is in the homeowner’s best interest to ask as many questions as needed, and roofing contractors have the most satisfied customers when they are able to provide proper guidance.

To choose the best roof for your home, speak to your preferred roofing company. Together you can select the best option for your roofing needs.