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Mistakes to Avoid With Solar Installation

Installing solar panels on your property is a great way to save money while saving the planet, but you will want to know exactly what you are getting yourself into before you commit your time and money to solar installation.

While you are learning about how much you can save with solar panels, learn a few of the pitfalls to avoid throughout the process.

Not Understanding When You Will Start Saving Money

Depending on the type of panels you choose, you might start saving money as soon as they go live. If you make a large upfront investment, it could be a while before you start recouping what you spent. You also have the option of taking out a loan or leasing your panels, which are both great ways to save on your electric bills every month.

Failing to Ask How Much Solar Power You Will Receive

Make sure you ask just how much solar power your home is likely to receive. You can get the same solar panel system as your neighbor, but you both might receive different amounts of solar power. Factors that determine overall solar power levels include orientation, temperature, the angle of your roof and the shade cast by trees.

Not Researching the Type of Panels You Should Get

Just as the same system offers different levels of power for different homes, the same is true of different panels. The solar company that will be installing your solar panel should be evaluating the overall size of your roof, your budget, panel production and overall panel size to determine which option will work best for you.

Not Taking Advantage of Financial Assistance

Before you plunk down your own money on your panels, check to see if there are any state, local or federal incentives for you to take advantage of. There might also be special rebates available.

Try not to become so focused on your new solar panels that you neglect to do all of your homework. You have just as much to gain as you have to lose.