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9 Things Your Homeowner’s Insurance May Not Cover In California

Homeowner’s insurance policies generally cover destruction and damage to a residence’s interior and exterior, but you’d be surprised at the 9 things that it won’t cover.

9 Things Your Homeowner's Insurance May Not Cover In California-All Climate Roofing

Taking out homeowner’s insurance is something that every home owner must do. If the worst happens to your home, the insurance will help you offset the costs of putting it right. You’d think that your policy would cover most things, but it’s surprising what it won’t cover. Here are the 9 things you’ll be amazed you’re not covered for.

What Your Homeowner’s Insurance Does Cover

In most homeowner insurance policies, you’ll see that you’re covered in the event of fire. You’ll also most likely be covered for:

  • Water damage
  • Theft
  • Wind
  • Liability

This covers you for the most common claims you’ll make on your policy.

What Your Homeowner’s Insurance Does Not Cover

The following things you won’t find you have cover for. In some cases, you’ll be able to buy a separate policy for them. This shows that you need to read your policy carefully before you agree to it, to ensure you’re getting what you need.

 1. Earthquakes

Yes, you would think than earthquakes would be covered under an insurance policy, but they’re not. They’re commonly not covered under regular insurance policies, but you can buy separate policies to cover them. You can also sometimes have endorsements put on your current policy, in order to cover them. If you’re in an area prone to earthquakes, this is something to be aware of. It’s worth noting though, if there’s a fire in your home caused by an earthquake, your homeowner’s insurance should cover that.

 2. Floods

Floods are another surprising thing that you’d think your homeowner’s insurance should cover. However, in California, they commonly don’t. This is another thing you can get a separate policy for. If you live in an area close to water, or get high rainfall, this is something you should consider.

 3. Damage Due To Improper Maintenance

It’s amazing just how much damage can happen to a home due to improper maintenance. For example, neglect to ventilate a room properly and mold is apt to start growing in the home. Leave gaps in your garage door, and pests can get in and start causing damage. If this happens to you, your insurance won’t cover the cost of putting it right.

The best way to avoid being in this situation is to keep up with the maintenance on your home. Avoid things like mold and pests, and you’re going to avoid a lot of damage to your home.

 4. Trampolines And Pools

These days, it feels as though everyone has a trampoline or a pool in their backyard. They’re a great way to have fun and stay fit in the comfort of your own home. The problem is, they’re often not covered by your homeowner’s insurance. You’ll see that many companies will reject insurance applications for homes that have them, or exclude liability for injury on a trampoline or pool.

Be wary if you do have one of these, and you don’t tell your insurance company about them. This can render your insurance invalid, leaving you uncovered if anything happens. It’s better to be upfront when shopping around.

 5. Canine Attacks

Yes, really. Most of the time, if your dog does attack someone and the injuries need to be covered,  your policy will cover the damage to the limit of your liability coverage. However, some breeds of dog won’t be covered. If your dog is considered a ‘dangerous’ breed, such as a German Shepherd or Pitbull, then you may find that you won’t be covered. If you have a dog, be sure to check this with your insurer as you don’t want to be left without cover.


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 6. Expensive Jewelry

You would think your jewelry is covered with your homeowner’s insurance, but not all of it. The pricier items, such as an engagement ring or heirloom jewelry, is not going to be covered. Jewelry is at high risk of being stolen, so because of that insurers often only cover it up to around $1,500. If your jewelry is more expensive than this, you’ll want to consider getting an endorsement or separate policy for it.

 7. Your Items In Someone Else’s Home

Have you asked someone else to take care of your possessions? Maybe you’re in the middle of moving house, or just don’t have the space to keep something right now. Be wary, as your insurance won’t cover it if it isn’t in your home. Your insurance covers the home and its contents. Whether or not the items belong to you, they’re in someone else’s home, so your insurers aren’t liable for it. If anything were to happen to your belongings, you’d have to try and get the money from them after they’ve claimed on their insurance.

 8. Sewer Backups

No one wants to think about a sewer backup in their home. It’s unpleasant to say the least, and can cause all kinds of damage. If you’re dealing with a sewer backup, you’ll see that a regular home insurance policy won’t cover that damage at all. If you’re concerned about this, you can buy a separate sewer insurance to cover this.

 9. Stolen Or Destroyed Cash

You’ve seen those pictures online, where a wayward dog or a baby has found a stash of paper money and ripped it to shreds. It’s not really funny, and it’s less funny when you see that your home owner’s insurance won’t cover it. It’s very hard to prove what you had, and how much of it you had. Because of this, it’s much better to keep your cash in the bank, where thieves and excitable paper rippers can’t get at it.

These are just 9 things that your homeowner’s insurance won’t cover in California. It’s surprising how much of it there is, isn’t there? If you’re concerned, give your insurers a call and ask them what they will and won’t cover. If you need that extra cover for earthquakes, jewelry or more, you’ll need to consider taking out a specialized policy to cover them for you.


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