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The Advantages of Urethane Deck Coatings

There are a variety of coatings that can be applied to a deck in Malibu, California. Because of their versatility and durability, urethane coatings are often a popular choice among homeowners. While lacquer, shellac, and acrylic are also common options, urethane coatings are one of the best coatings that provide a great appearance as well as protection from unexpected damages. Here are the top three advantages to applying urethane coatings on a deck in southwestern California.

  • High Stain Resistance: One of the most important benefits of urethane coatings is the unique ability to withstand spills on decks or patios that may occur during barbeques, parties, outdoor dinners, and other special celebrations. Designed to have a high chemical resistance, urethane coatings have also been used on outdoor countertops and bars in order to easily clean these surfaces. Easy clean-up is especially important if homeowners often entertain numerous guests at their house.
  • Extreme Durability: After the application of urethane coating on a deck in Malibu, California, customers will never have to worry about unintentional nicks, dents, or scrapes appearing on the surface. Over the years, the urethane coating will continually provide the ultimate impact resistance to ensure that the deck maintains a clean appearance. A non-slip urethane deck coating is also available to homeowners. This type of coating can provide superb traction for a deck’s stairs and ramps. An urethane deck coating can also help prevent cracks and moss from developing on the deck. Another benefit of urethane coatings is that they are designed for many climate conditions.
  • Extensive Selection of Colors and Textures: Once urethane coating has been applied to a deck, the surface can be polished with a finish in most colors. With a wide variety of colors and textures, customers are sure to discover a finish that coordinates nicely with the outdoor décor of the home or deck furniture.

Along with a variety of practical benefits, urethane coatings are also extremely affordable. As a result, many homeowners choose to increase the value of their home with this type of coating.


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