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Each year, homeowners and businesses in Thousand Oaks, Camarillo, and Malibu spend hours relaxing, serving customers, and enjoying that beautiful weather from the comfort of a deck or patio. These structural additions are not only enjoyable, but also raise the value of your home. Because of this, deck coating is essential.

Unfortunately, California’s hot weather can also wreak havoc on the surface of your deck. High summer temperatures may cause wood to crack or split, while early spring and late fall rains spur on the growth of mold, mildew, and rot.

The best way to prevent these issues from taking hold is to coat your deck with a protective seal that locks out moisture and reduces environmental damage. These effective, easy-to-apply coating options take just a short period of time to apply and are available in a long list of textures, styles, and colors for curbside appeal.

Your Trusted Residential and Commercial Deck Coating Contractors

As Ventura County's most trusted residential and commercial deck waterproofing and coating service providers, our number one goal is to help you achieve the look you desire while avoiding damage to your deck by applying resilient, durable coating materials that last.

Surfaces We Work On

We waterproof, repair and resurface balcony decks, walkways, stairs, roof decks and pool decks.

Does Your Deck Need Coating Services?

As contractors working with patios and decks of all designs and styles, one of the most common questions we face is how the homeowner or business owner can determine whether deck waterproofing and deck coating services are needed.

Obvious symptoms such as cracking, breaking, or clearly rotting wood are a surefire sign, but damage can also be insidious and difficult to detect.

The type of material your deck is made of, as well as how often it is exposed to rain or UV rays, will determine how often you need re-coating services. As a general rule, most outdoor plywood and concrete decks and patios must be re-coated with protective topcoat every 3-5 years.

Polyurethane top coats usually last longer than acrylic top coats.

All decks and patios require occasional maintenance. It is in your best interest to have your deck examined for problems regularly by qualified professionals.

The All Climate Roofing Difference

At All Climate Roofing, we strive to make your experience as pleasant and stress-free as we possibly can. That’s why every service starts with a consultation to help us understand your needs and the current condition of your deck.

Our expert contractors assist each client individually, putting in the time, care, and effort to get it right the first time around. 

Working with All Climate Roofing also has other significant benefits for our clients and customers. We are:






Our Coating Systems

There are a great variety of deck coating systems in the market place. Sometimes it could be confusing for the consumers to choose the right system.

We stay with proven and time-tested commercial grade systems. Most importantly we adhere to manufacturer-recommended process and our technicians are factory-certified.

Our main coating techniques include:

  • Tufflex: Tufflex waterproofing systems are uniquely formulated to seamlessly waterproof and protect a variety of applications including pedestrian, vehicular, under-tile waterproofing as well as specialty coatings such as ship decking and ski resorts.
  • Excellent Coating: Excellent Coatings offers the optimal blend of durability, beauty and waterproofing. It has many decorative finishes including quartz, tile and flagstones.

Our Workmanship Warranty

We provide 5 to 10 years workmanship warranty on all fully-installed class A fire rated decking systems.


Deck Removal and Installation

We can handle all aspects needed to insure a quality installation including tear off of existing systems, add new galvanized flashings, install new coating system and repair stucco to blend with existing stucco.

Deck Drainage System Correction and Re-Sloping

If your deck’s drainage system fails, or if your deck begins to slope to one side due to structural issues, rainfall may collect and cause further damage.

We have experience correcting drainage system failures and re-sloping needs to re-balance and restore the integrity of your deck. We can resolve ponding and fix sitting water damage. This allows rain, and any debris within it, to flow off your deck and back onto the ground again.

Deck Substrate/Wood Damage Repair

All Climate Roofing can repair damaged wood, including: plywood, joists, rafters and head beams. In fact we can rebuild the entire deck in some cases because the substrate have been severely damaged and structurally compromised.


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As a property owner, you want to be sure you can trust the contractors you hire to handle your decking issues. As a BBB-listed business with an A+ rating, we are proud to serve Ventura and beyond.