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Your Roof Inspection Checklist for First Time Home Buyers

Steps to Take Before You Buy a Home - All Climate Roofing

Taking proper care of your roof is essential for maintaining your home. When buying a new house, it’s important to know what kind of shape the roof is in. This must-know roof inspection checklist can help. If you’re looking for more tips when buying a fixer-upper, check out this comprehensive list on Redfin of advice…

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5 Things to Know About Your California Roofing Warranty

California Roofing Warranty Conditions - All Climate Roofing

Your California roofing warranty is essential when looking to upgrade your roof, but they can difficult to understand. This guide explores 5 things that you should know about your warranty. When you get a brand new roof installed, you’ll know that there will be a warranty in place that covers you in case of defects…

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5 Reasons You Should Waterproof Plywood Decks

Waterproof Plywood Decks - All Climate Roofing

Decks are the perfect spot to relax in the summer time. To maintain them, you must waterproof plywood decks, especially in the hot California climate. Having a plywood deck on your home brings so many benefits to you as a homeowner. When they’re well cared for, they last for years, look great, and give you…

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