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Archive for February 2015

Roof Safety 101

When you have a minor roofing problem, you might not think it’s worth it to call in a roofing company. You know the issue is an easy fix and you can do it yourself, if only you can manage not to fall off your house in the process. However, it’s easy to have an accident…

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6 Common Mistakes When Building a Deck

Beautiful Newly Coated Deck | All Climate Roofing

Most people who try to build their deck without professional supervision run into the same problems. They may try to cut costs by using cheap material, or they might not make proper flooring measurements. These mistakes cause safety hazards and cost more money in the long run. Don’t fall into these common pitfalls. Instead, educate…

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How to Spot Roof Problems Before You Buy a House

In a previous blog, we gave roof repair advice (https://allclimateroofing.com/selling-your-home-with-a-damaged-roof/) to homeowners looking to sell their houses. This blog will cover the flipside of that situation. After all, prospective homebuyers want to move into a house with a solid roof overhead. You just might not feel comfortable making a quick roof assessment during a brief…

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All About Leaky Roofs

People often forget about the power of water until disaster strikes. A little bit of rain is fine unless there is a hurricane or flood. Water doesn’t seem that powerful until you see the Grand Canyon. And leaky roofs don’t seem like a big deal until your roof collapses. The Real Impact of Water Damage…

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12 Accessories to Rejuvenate Your Deck

5 Common Reasons Your Deck Needs Wood Rot Repair - All Climate

No matter what life changes come your way, there is one trusty home companion that weathers the good and bad right alongside you: your deck. Come rain, snow, sleet or wind, your deck is by your side (or at least by the side of your house). Maybe cedar or redwood is your deck material of…

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Common Rain Gutter Problems and How to Fix Them

Installing New Gutters After Damage from Blocked Gutters - All Climate Roofing

Gutters have one job-to drain water away from your roof and foundation. This makes their upkeep critical for roof maintenance. When leaves or debris build up in your gutter, your gutters can no longer filter water away from your roof. These clogs leave your home susceptible to leaks and mold growth. Prevent roof damage by…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Filing a Roof Insurance Claim

Roof Inspection in Ventura County - All Climate Roofing

Unfortunately, even the most careful homeowners experience roofing complications. Whether you had a rainstorm cause leaks in your roof or a windstorm rip up your shingles, you need your roof repaired fast. However, you may not have experience filing roof insurance claims. Most homeowners will only file a limited amount of claims in their lifetime.…

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