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12 Accessories to Rejuvenate Your Deck

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No matter what life changes come your way, there is one trusty home companion that weathers the good and bad right alongside you: your deck. Come rain, snow, sleet or wind, your deck is by your side (or at least by the side of your house).

Maybe cedar or redwood is your deck material of choice. Maybe you prefer a plastic lumber composite. Whatever the size and whatever the material, your deck deserves some accessorizing. Check out the ideas below for breathing new life into your deck space.

Making it Pretty

Flower boxes

Decorate the perimeter of your deck with a colorful assortment of flowers! Start a small herb garden. Plant tulip bulbs for spring. Go with a low-maintenance plant like succulents if you’re worried about upkeep.

Light strings

Looking for a little magic for your midsummer’s night parties? Add some lights! You can find strings of lights in all varieties at your local hardware store, from colorful, whimsical types, to big white bulbs, to tiny twinkle lights.

Hummingbird feeder

Imagine watching a happy couple of hummingbirds out your kitchen window every morning. A small hummingbird feeder will provide bird watching opportunities through all seasons.

Protection Against the Elements


Your deck has to withstand all sorts of climate fiascos-wind, sun, water. Protect it by installing an umbrella or a covered picnic table. Many varieties are movable and collapsible, making your deck versatile and functional.

Deck shade or curtains

When the sun beats down too hard, shield your deck and (and your party) with curtains or a deck shade. Some models hang from the ceiling, while others hang between poles or trees.

Outdoor wind/heat thermometer

Protect yourself against the elements by installing an outdoor thermometer or digital weather station. Many models include humidity readings and weather forecasts as well!

For Entertaining

Sports toys bin

Tired of the kids’ jump ropes, basketballs, and other yard toys strewn across your deck? Get a sturdy bin to hold it all in!

Putting green

Maybe you’re a regular Jack Nicklaus, or maybe miniature golf is the closest you’ve ever gotten to the green. Either way, a mini putting green is a fun addition to any deck. Leave a bucket of balls and a club close by, and challenge guests, family, and yourself to putting competitions. Who will be first to drop a hole in one?


Installing a set of speakers to your deck will add melody to any sort of gathering. You can listen to your favorite podcast while doing yard work, or cue up your favorite playlists during neighborhood parties.

For Relaxation


If you have enough deck space, a hammock might be the perfect accessory to turn your backyard into a paradise. Readers, thinkers, and nappers alike will love every relaxing minute spent in a hammock.

Porch swing

If the hammock is a little too close to paradise for your tastes, try a porch swing. You can find free-standing porch swings, or swings that hang from the ceiling (if you have a covered deck).


Decks aren’t just places to hang out during the day-once the sun goes down, there’s a sky full of stars to explore. To get those extra nighttime hours out of your deck, try adding a telescope!

Whatever the size, type, or age of your deck, you can give it new life by adding a few simple accessories. A word to the wise: before you start decking out your deck, be sure to have a professional prepare it against sun and foot damage. Then you can enjoy your deck and all its accessories for years to come!