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Wood Damage Is Nothing to Brush Off

If you live in a climate with frequently humid and wet weather and you have not hired a professional to do a cursory inspection of your home in a long time, it is time for that to change. After years and years of exposure to the elements, the wood that forms the basic foundation of your walls and roof is at high risk for damage. There are other sources that cause wood damage as well.

The Terror of Termites

Small and easy to miss, termites are nevertheless one of the leading causes of structural wood damage and should be treated by an exterminator without delay. These tiny insects are crafty, often finding a small path into the wood and devouring it from the inside, sometimes leaving the outside unharmed. Because of this, many people do not notice termites until they start to spread throughout the rest of the home’s wood structure, placing the home and the safety of its inhabitants at risk.

Water and Dry Rot

When water is allowed to stand against a piece of wood for extended periods of time, it can slowly undermine the structural integrity of entire sections of a home. This is why taking the time to maintain the condition of your roof is so important. Even small cracks have the potential to let in huge amounts of moisture over the years. Without proper ventilation, dry rot can also heavily damage wood. Fortunately, the cracks and powdering of the wood on which it grows makes the fungus somewhat easier to find and eliminate.

If your home’s wood structure is being subjected to these issues, the best time to address them is while you are having your roof replaced, as the problem areas are already exposed for repair people to assess and mend. You’ll then have a structurally sound wood foundation and the renewed means to protect it.

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