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Why Solar Tube Installation is an Excellent Choice for Your Home

Lighting your home is a unique challenge.  You want the right mix of artificial light and natural light, but how?  What if you could get both in one lighting source?  Solar lighting devices, such as solar tubes, provide exceptional, natural lighting for any room.  They are a cost-effective option for anyone and solar tube installation is a snap for any professional.  There are a few questions any homeowner needs the answers to when considering solar tubing for their home.


How do they work?

Solar tubing works by capturing sunlight through a device placed on the roof of your home.  The light is then transported into the desired room through a series of mirrors and reflective surfaces.  The light is then transferred to the lighting device inside of your home, which provides a truly incredible amount of natural light.  This system is better than a traditional skylight option because it allows more sunlight into your home.  Skylights typically loose roughly half of the light they absorb, while solar tubing loses very little light.  In addition, this system also makes it possible to have natural light in rooms with no roof access.  The reflective system makes it easy to transfer natural light to anywhere in your home.


How expensive are they?

A solar tube system costs significantly less than other natural lighting options, like additional windows or skylights.  The basis for this is the fact that these more traditional options require structural adjustments and construction work to compensate for their size and weight, while the solar tube installation process requires none of this additional work.  Solar tube systems can be placed in your home around existing structural features.  There is no construction or structural work necessary to install solar tubes in your home.

Solar tubing is an exciting option in home lighting.  This cost-effective option makes it possible to attain your dream of having exceptional natural light anywhere in your home.  Solar tube installation makes your home a bright, environmentally-friendly haven.


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