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Do You Actually Need Waterproof Deck Coating This Spring?

Waterproofing Your Deck | All Climate Roofing

Depending on your location, Spring may already be throwing you some interesting, or at the very least, damp, weather. In many areas, Spring means an increase in rain and thunderstorms. Spring is also the time to pick up on spring cleaning and maintenance. But does this include waterproof deck coating? Do you actually need to waterproof your deck?


Waterproof deck coating is a crucial part of your Spring housework because it will not only protect the investment that is your deck, but it will ensure that it is able to better respond to the moisture in the air from humidity, rain and hail, and the water it will be exposed to from gardening projects either on or around it from hoses and sprinklers.

Regardless of where you live, you’ll want to make sure that you apply a waterproof deck coating to prepare for this wet weather, as well as the beating that your deck will take as the weather gets more tolerable and more time is spent outside.

Consider the following reasons why waterproofing your deck this spring is an essential part of a homeowner’s responsibility, and take into account a few ways to make that process go smoother and easier.


What is Waterproof Deck Coating?

Waterproofing your deck refers to a sealer or stain that is applied like paint with a roller brush on a clean surface. If you have a wood deck, this is something that will be necessary at some point in your deck’s lifespan to keep the wood protected and strong.

A variety of different stains and sealers are available, having numerous beneficial features and colors.


How Do You Know When to Waterproof?

If you’ve never applied stain or a sealer to your deck before, you may be wondering how to know when this is a necessary step. You can either be proactive and stain it long before any problem areas begin to show up (most professionals recommend restaining your deck at least once a year, preferably in the Spring as you prepare the rest of your home and yard for the summer months).

Or, you can wait until the wood begins to illustrate that it needs a protective stain or sealer; and these signs will be quite obvious to you.

You likely need waterproof deck coating if, for one thing, you notice water stains or other unsightly, potentially damaging symptoms like mold and mildew, as these can turn into wood rot.

Your deck also may need this extra layer of protection if it begins to fade, or if the wood begins to become noticeably dry, cracked, or brittle.

These are indications that the environment is starting to take its toll on the wood’s quality, and you need to take steps to protect the deck surface very soon.


Why Waterproof Your Deck?

There are a number of reasons why homeowners should seriously consider waterproof deck coating. Most of these have to do with the fact that its simply a good idea to take the necessary steps to protect your investment from the elements.


  • Obviously, waterproofing your deck will make it resistant to water. As Spring rains and summer storms become more frequent and intense, you run the risk of allowing mildew or worse, wood rot, to form on your deck. You also may expose your deck to moisture with any gardening projects on top of or around the deck (with gardening hoses or sprinklers), and social gatherings.


  • Waterproofing your deck will cause water droplets to bead up and run off, rather than sink in and cause problems down the road. Excess moisture can lead to mold, mildew, and worst of all, wood rot. There is no fix for wood rot other than entirely replacing your deck, so this is perhaps the best reason of all to make sure your deck is water resistant. Many stains and sealers will also keep termites and other critters out that may do damage.


  • Waterproofing with a quality sealer will also help keep your deck from fading. Many decks are in at least a little bit of direct sunlight; a sealer will keep the natural look of the wood or the desired stain color fresh despite the harsh rays of sun that beat down on it constantly.


Waterproof Deck Coating | All Climate Roofing


How to Waterproof Your Deck

Waterproofing your deck is much more simple than you may realize.

Be sure to consult with a professional if you have questions about the safety or condition of your deck, and always carefully consider the manufacturer’s directions on deck sealer or stain before using it to ensure the best result.


1. Prepare your deck.

Remove all objects like furniture or plants from it.


2. Clean the surface well.

Start with a light sandpaper to help the stain or sealer adhere better; remove dust and dirt with a hose and make sure that the surface is entirely dry. This may take several days.


3. Deck Coating.

Wait for a day that isn’t rainy or windy or too hot or cold, and then you can apply your sealer. Ensure that you use a long roller brush and try to avoid getting too much sealer on the brush to avoid making the surface uneven when you apply it to the wood.


4. Second Coats.

You may need to use a second coat; also make sure you apply sealer in the corners and on steps, for which you may need a smaller brush.


5. Wait Patiently.

Allow the sealer plenty of time to dry completely before walking on it or putting furniture back on the deck.


That’s it. That’s how simple it is to waterproof your deck! Now, can you see why it would be silly to not put on a waterproof deck coating?!



Sealing your deck to make it waterproof is an excellent decision for any homeowner as the importance of making your deck resistant to water cannot be understated. If you have a deck, you obviously want to protect this investment the best way possible.

A waterproof deck coating will help you make sure it is protected against wood rot, water stains, mildew, mold, and the problems these will cause in the long run. The process of waterproofing your deck is simple, and can be completed in just a few days; and it will pay dividends for you not just in the Spring, but throughout the rest of the seasons of the year as well.