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Top Acrylic Deck Coatings for Homeowners in Santa Barbara, California

As summer quickly approaches, many homeowners in Santa Barbara, California are searching for a durable coating for their deck. Water-based 100 percent acrylic coatings are often a good choice as these products can create a flexible protective film that is resistant to the sun’s glaring rays. The three most popular types of deck coverage products are semi-transparent acrylic stains, solid color acrylic stains, and wood restoration acrylic coatings.

Semi-transparent Acrylic Stains
As lightly colored coatings, semi-transparent acrylic stains are designed to alter the color of the deck surface without completely covering the texture. This type of deck coating is manufactured with proprietary ingredients that prevent water and mildew from appearing on the surface. Semi-transparent acrylic stains typically maintain their luster for a little over a year.

Solid Color Acrylic Stains
Also known as opaque stains, solid color acrylic stains contain deeper shades of color that can obscure the grain of wood. Along with providing intense coverage, these acrylic coatings offers homeowners the ultimate UV protection. Solid color acrylic stains are also recognized for extreme durability as the product can remain on a deck for roughly three to five years.

Wood Restoration Acrylic Coatings
One of the most popular deck coverage products are wood restoration acrylic coatings. This heavy-duty coating is perfect for decks that have been affected by extreme weather conditions. The purpose of this product is to conceal cracks and crevices that are no more than 1/4 –inches deep. Another great reason to apply a deck with wood restoration acrylic coating is to create a finish that is slip-resistant. A slip-resistant deck will reduce the likelihood of falls as well as unintentional cracking and peeling. Like the solid color acrylic stains, this product provides mildew protection. Wood restoration acrylic coatings are available in an extensive array of attractive colors.

These deck coatings are highly praised for their superb adhesion properties that play an integral role in successfully treating virtually any type of wood including pine, redwood, and cedar. While oil-based coatings require solvents for cleanup, homeowners can simply use soap and water to remove debris from a deck with an acrylic coating.


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