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Tips for Maintaining Your Roof

While most roofs tend to last for a few decades, that does not mean that everything will be in great condition until it hits its expiration date.

More often than not, there are signs of deterioration that, if spotted early enough, can be remedied and give your roof and even longer lifespan.

It is best to consult with a professional roofing contractor before coming to any repair decisions.

Investigate From Afar and Up Close

To ensure you cover all your bases before repairs get underway, it is a good idea to do an inspection of the roof for yourself. Here are a few common wear and tear issues that are easy to spot.

  • Are the other people in your neighborhood with homes of a similar age starting to have roof work done? This is a strong indication.
  • Take a look at your home from the street. Moss patches or streaks caused by airborne algae in humid environments are harmful to the granules on your shingles.
  • Get up on the roof and inspect the shingles. Symptoms like cracks, curled edges or cupped tabs should all be addressed quickly.

Know the Preventative and Repair Options

While many roof maintenance methods are decided upon using the environment and weather, a few are solid investments regardless of location.

Waterproofing all the flashings and vents, then painting the waterproof membrane to protect it from sunlight prevents leaks and growths.

Cleaning out all your drainage systems, gutters and valleys is also crucial to ensure water is not allowed to stand in on place for long.

Repositioning or replacing faulty individual shingles is a great way to save money while still protecting your home.

This is not a task you should take on alone. Get in touch with a reputable contractor who has the experience and tools to get the job done right the first time.