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The Amazing Benefits of Solar Attic Fan Installation

The Amazing Benefits of Solar Attic Fan Installation | All Climate RoofingAre rising energy costs making you cringe every time you open your utility bill? Do you care about your impact on the environment? Address both of these concerns in an affordable and effective manner by hiring a professional to undertake a solar attic fan installation in your home. Solar attic fans provide active ventilation to your home that reduces the extreme heat that can occur in your attic, especially in the summer time. The best part about it is that solar attic fans pay for themselves quickly! Using clean, free, abundant solar energy, they are an environmentally friendly solution to rising energy costs. Additionally, they can even extend the life of your roofing and attic insulation material. By purchasing a solar attic fan, you will be helping your wallet as well as the planet.

Without a solar attic fan, attic temperatures can reach up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. This sets your air conditioner up for a battle that it just cannot win, resulting in exorbitant utility bills, especially during the summer. The most immediate effect of owning a solar attic fan will be the decrease in your utility bills. Your air conditioner will no longer be overworked as a result of hot air coming from your attic, and will be freed up to work more efficiently. You will reap the benefits of your solar attic fan installation, but you will be far from the only one.

Advantages of Solar Attic Fan Installation

Perhaps the most important advantage of solar attic fan installation is the benefit that it provides to the environment.  Besides the obvious impact of lower consumption of electricity, installing a solar attic fan has numerous other environmental benefits.   For example, the cooling effect that the fan has can actually increase the useful life of your roofing materials and insulation. Without a fan, the extreme heat in your attic can actually heat up your insulation and roofing, causing premature wear over time. If you purchase and install a solar attic fan, it will work to greatly decrease the air temperature in the attic to bring it closer to the outdoor ambient temperature. A solar attic fan will work wonders for your wallet as well as the environment, which is an investment worth making.