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Wood Damage Repair: Managing Your Roof

It can be easy to take the roof over your head for granted. After all, we live in our homes and work in our offices day after day. Most of the time, there is no reason to think twice about the structure that protects us from rain, sun, wind and more. At least, that is the case until something in that structure fails.

There are many reasons why a roof may start to fail. Maybe shingles have blown off or started to curl. Perhaps termites have infested the wood underneath. No matter what the case may be, roofing problems cannot be left unattended. If they are, the problem will invariably start to get worse, causing more damage and leading to more significant repairs.

Instead, once a problem has been identified, it is important to address it promptly. In many cases, any type of issue with the roof will lead to the same complications. Once water and moisture can get past the protective exterior layers of a roof, the support structure underneath is at risk. This can lead to cosmetic damage, but, more alarmingly, it can also compromise the entire structure with wood damage.

Most of the time, wood damage on a roof is caused by moisture. Even if wood is treated for exposure, too much moisture will eventually cause it to soften, warp and rot. When this occurs, the damaged boards become weak. They may even start to disintegrate. If this damage is too widespread, the entire structure may become unsound and require attention.

Fortunately, wood damage repair is an excellent solution that can stop the problem from spreading and restore the integrity of your roof. The first step is to successfully identify the wood that needs to be repaired. Once you know where the damage is, you need to remove the shingles from that board. Even if the damage is fairly localized, you will want to remove the entire board that is affected. Check for damage in surrounding boards as well in order to fully contain the problem.

Once the board is removed, you will need to replace it. Be sure to replace it with wood of the same type and size. To measure correctly, be sure to use the space that needs to be filled instead of the damaged board. Once a replacement is properly cut, it needs to be placed. When setting the replacement, be sure to use decking screws on all edges of the board. The wood should then be covered with felt, and new shingles can be attached.

This type of wood damage repair is possible for an ambitious homeowner, but many people prefer to hire an expert to make sure the job is done right. It is also advisable to have your roof inspected on a somewhat regular basis. In many cases, wood damage can be prevented by properly maintaining the rest of your roof. Always be sure that your shingles are secure and that there are no weak spots in your overall roof coverage. By making sure that water is running off your roof correctly, you can reduce your risk of damage to the underlying structure and protect your home.

If you suspect a problem, do not delay. When wood damage repair is handled quickly, the overall prognosis for your roof is good.


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Home Improvement

Getting Homes in Shape for Summer Festivities

Most people love the warm sunny days and relaxed attitudes that summer evokes. Children running in and out of the house all day and frequent outdoor evening parties are just some of the scenes that are played out during those fleeting three months that fall between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Here are some home improvement projects that can help households to get the most out of their property during the warm-weather months.

Energy-Saving Initiatives
Obtaining a home energy assessment (1) is one of the first things one should do in preparation for summer. Summer break means that many children are at home, and residential air conditioning units generally run full time depending on regional climates. A professional energy auditor may recommend things like laying in extra insulation in walls or attics, installing insulated entry doors or replacing builder-grade windows with ones that feature multiple-pane, Low-E glass. These home improvements make family members more comfortable, and they often help households to save money on their utility bills in the long term.

Roof Makeovers For Energy Harvesting
Summer is a great time for homeowners to consider tapping into the earth’s most reliable and free energy supply which is the sun. Traditional solar panels that are connected to a home’s electrical system can collect the sun’s energy for use while the home remains on the power grid. Improvements in photovoltaic system designs and functions have made it even more practical for homeowners to begin using solar energy to power their living spaces. Companies like Dow and CertainTeed (2) manufacture relatively thin yet durable roof shingles that are made from materials that collect solar energy without marring homes’ architectural profiles. Consider hiring a roofing contractor to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Party-Ready Outdoor Living Spaces
One of the great benefits of summer is the opportunity to turn one’s backyard into party central for evening gatherings. This can be accomplished by creating outdoor living rooms using a little imagination and some design assistance. While obtaining professional design help is nearly always the ticket to great results, handy persons have success with the many do-it-yourself plans that are available for sale at the large hardware stores or online. Some items that are required for these outdoor transformations are patio pavers, outdoor lighting fixtures, potted plants and even decking materials. Many of these outdoor living spaces are even ideal for drought-prone areas.

Rainwater Collection Systems
Although places like California are known for producing great seasonal fruits and vegetables, the region is plagued by frequent draughts that make backyard gardening a challenge for many. A rainwater collection system is often just what is needed to keep sun-drenched, backyard gardens thriving. These systems can be integrated into a number of roof styles. The simplest systems involve directing water from homes’ gutters into collection barrels. Although rainwater can be purified for safe consumption, homeowners should avoid drinking reclaimed rainwater that has had contact with roofs or roof accessories that are made of lead (3).

Outdoor Showers
Parents who want to keep their homes cleaner during the summer often consider building outdoor showers. These showers are must-have features for homes that are located near the coasts. Households that are found in more inland regions also benefit from outdoor showers for use by children swimming in pools or playing in the dirt. Depending on local building codes, outdoor showers must have drainage systems that divert water back to city sewer lines. Homeowners can save money on plumbing costs by locating outdoor showers near their homes’ existing water lines (4).

With a little creativity and planning, home will remain the number one hot spot throughout the summer break.




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Home Improvement

Extending the Life of Your Treasured Outdoor Living Spaces

California decks are more than just a nice to have backyard feature. They are generally considered essential for people who love to entertain in a region that is known for homes with limited interior square footage. Decks also get more use in the Golden State than in many other places just because of the area’s propensity for sunshine and mild temperatures. Subsequently, Californians tend to pay closer attention to the intricacies of deck maintenance after finally designing and constructing the deck of their dreams. Here is what those in the know do to keep their prime outdoor living spaces structurally sound and looking like new.


Roofing Inspectors Can Help Protect Your Roof

Roofing inspectors help protect one of the biggest investments a person ever makes in their lifetime. It is their business to inspect the roof of homes and businesses for any damage that may have been caused by a storm or just from natural wear and tear. Many people like to have annual inspections done as a preventative measure. Staying ahead of a potential problem saves homeowners money and stress.