Solar Tube Installation

What Are Solar Tubes and How Do They Work?

Many homeowners are looking for ways to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and are turning to alternative ways to provide lighting inside. While skylights have been very popular for many years, there is a new technology that more and more people are choosing for their homes. Solar tube installation has dramatically increased, and for good reason. Replacing the need for electric lights, energy costs can be reduced by installing solar tubes. But what is a solar tube?

A solar tube, also called a sun pipe or sun scope, is a cylinder that is installed from the roof into any room in the house that provides natural light. Using reflective material inside the tube, light is reflected directly into the room and often provides enough daytime sunlight to reduce the need for electric lights. Solar tube installation can be fairly simple when done by professionals who have experience doing so, and homeowners can get all of the benefits of a skylight with very limited demolition.