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Skylight Installations and What You Need to Know

As a resident of Camarillo or the surrounding area, odds are that you appreciate the sunlight. As one of the sunniest places in the nation, Camarillo has more than enough sunlight to go around. But we don’t always reap the benefits when we’re indoors. Of course, that could change with the installation of a skylight to the roof of your home.

Skylights are not the perfect solution for every home. However, they are becoming increasingly popular amongst Californians. Many advantages come from their installment-including more natural light in your home.

As you consider arranging an installation, there are a few things you should know. Read on to learn more about skylights.

Advantages to Consider

Of course, you’ll first want to weigh the pros and cons. Since there aren’t a lot of negatives to speak of, we’ve provided a list of the advantages you can look forward to:

Energy Efficiency. Most people see skylights as a luxury, but the truth is that they offer a lot of money and environment saving features. You can cut energy costs by allowing the sun to heat your home naturally.

Natural Lighting. For most homeowners, this is the greatest attraction these fixtures have to offer. Make your living space more attractive and shed a healthier light throughout the room by installing a skylight.

Increased Ventilation. While not all skylights allow for ventilation, some products have operable screens. With these fixtures, you can reduce the effects of poor air quality throughout your home.

Reduced Mold Buildup. When used properly, sunlight can reduce harmful organisms. In areas with minimal sunlight, you run the risk of damp conditions and the buildup of fungus and mold. Reduce this risk with the installation of a skylight.

Skylight installation offers a number of other advantages as well. Just talk to a contractor or look at the manufacturer’s website for more benefits. As you can see, any home would benefit with the addition of a skylight.

Questions to Ask Before Installation

While the decision to install a skylight may seem cut and dry, you have several factors to consider. To make the best decision for your home, ask yourself the following questions before you call a contractor.

How Can I Maximize Energy Efficiency?

A few, seemingly small factors will play a role in your skylight’s energy efficiency. For example, the fixture’s orientation can mean the difference between reduced heating costs and increased cooling costs. Because the sun is so prevalent in this area, it may be best to install your skylight on the east side of your home rather than the west.

Should I Opt for a Solar Tube Rather than a Skylight?

Solar tubes resemble skylights in many ways. The difference is that these fixtures funnel the sunlight from the attic to living area of your home. These reflective tubes may cost less and install faster. Speak with your contractor to determine which installation better serves your purposes.

Should I Consider Tinted Glass?

For most homeowners, the answer to this question is going to be “no.” However, tinted glass may provide some advantages over clear glass. For example, if you worry about your home becoming overheated, tinted glass may be the perfect solution.

Weigh Your Options and Consider a Skylight Today

Have more questions? Don’t be afraid to ask about skylights before you commit to installing one. Work closely with your contractor to ensure that you make the best decision for your property. Once you’ve settled on the details, you’ll be ready to move forward with the installation.

Consider the advantages of skylights, ask questions, and let a little sun into your Camarillo home with a skylight.