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Roof Maintenance | Prevent Larger Problems Down the Road

Prevent Roof Problems with Proper Maintenance

A good roof protects your home from the damaging effects of all kinds of weather. Even a small roof issue can eventually cause structural problems if left to the elements. Regular roof maintenance can help to prevent problems before they start and safeguard your home’s shelter. Checking your roof for issues every spring and fall, and any time there is a major weather occurrence, can help you to keep your roof in good shape.

A healthy roof begins in the attic. The insulation and ventilation in the attic protects the roof from buckling while keeping your energy bills low and your home dry. Temperatures hovering around freezing can wreak havoc on a roof by melting and refreezing snow and ice, causing water damage. Good insulation prevents this weather hazard and keeps your home safe and dry.

Water damage is a major breakdown in a healthy roof, and there are many roofing features that defend against it. One feature of your roof designed to prevent water damage is the flashing, which is usually sheet metal installed anywhere that there is a break or step in the shingles. Flashing is also common around chimneys and air vents. Inspecting the flashing at least twice each year is an important component of roof maintenance.

Guttering is not just designed to keep the water from pouring onto the sidewalk. It is another primary feature designed to prevent water damage, although if they are not regularly inspected, they can have the opposite effect. Keeping your gutters clear of debris can help to keep your roof water free. During the winter, the gutter’s edges must always be below the roof’s slope line so that any accumulated snow or ice can slide off the roof.

No roof maintenance can keep your roof healthy forever. If your roof has edges that curl, surface cracks, or damaged flashing, it could be an indication that your roof has reached a point where it will require some professional attention. Protect the future of your new roof by finding a roofing contractor who has the correct qualifications, insurance, and licenses along with the best in references and experience.