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Roof Maintenance and Inspection

Modern roofing materials are a great combination of affordability, durability, and aesthetics. Even more traditional shake or ceramic shingles have been perfected so that your house is fully protected no, matter what roofing option you choose. If your roof is outdated, or your area has gone through a recent storm, you may need to have a roof inspection to see if your roof needs to be replaced.  Hopefully you don’t need to replace your roof, maybe you just need roof maintenance.

Who to Turn to for Roof Maintenance

Typically, you can get your roof maintained professionally by a local roofing company or your insurance agency. An inspector will climb onto your roof and look for damage, including hail damage, exposed tar paper, exposed particle board, and missing shingles. Depending on the extent of the damage to your roof, the inspector may recommend repairs or a complete replacement.

Roofing Options

After a roof inspection, you have the opportunity to rethink your current roofing solution. If you have been happy with the protection your current roof has provided, a roofing company can then simply replace your roof using the same type of material. If you are unhappy with your roof’s appearance or the protection it provides, you should think about picking a different option.

You can ask your roof inspector about different roofing options and the benefits and disadvantages concerning each type. A roof inspector has likely looked at hundreds of roofs and can tell you what kind of roof is likely to provide the best protection for the best price.

Solar Panels

If you are contemplating installing solar panels on your roof, you will likely need a roof inspection so that you can receive an estimate of costs. The inspector can also talk to you about the feasibility of solar panels for your house. If your home sits in the shade, you may still be able to gain a good amount of energy with solar panels. The best way to find out for sure is to ask a professional roofing company that also installs solar panels.