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Repairing a Roof Leak: Be Proactive


Roof leaks are a common issue for homeowners and they are tempting to ignore. After all, you can simply place a bucket under the hole for the water that comes through and be done with it, right? As tempting as this sounds, it is a dangerous mistake. Here are some reasons why it is crucial to take immediate action to repair a roof leak.

Unseen Damage of a Roof Leak

Leaking water droplets may not be big enough to be seen or heard, and in this case your only evidence of a leak would be dark spots in your ceiling or on wooden beams. It is important to know that water is an expert traveler and wherever it can break a barrier, it will. Therefore the visible leak may signify the presence of a much larger leak somewhere else in your structure.

Ceiling Collapse

Leaks that are untended and not repaired will continue to expand and become bigger issues than they were initially. You may not see evidence of this, but eventually the leak will get larger and threaten the entire integrity of your building. A leaky roof can affect additional structural parts as well as the ceiling and potentially result in a ceiling collapse.

Air Quality

Mold and mildew are often unseen problems that can cause serious health problems for you and your home’s occupants. If water slips into the woodwork, the potential for this growth to occur is high. Breathing in these substances is severely harmful and should be restricted by any means necessary. If you spot dark sections or darkened stains in your ceiling, it is likely that your space has water damage and is rotting. Another area that can become moldy is framework.

Your roof is your home’s most important source of protection from all weather conditions, and as such, constant attention is vital. Because it is regularly under attack from the elements, disintegration is inevitable and this space will, after a time, require inspection and overhaul. Staying vigilant and proactive is the proven way to protect yourself and your family from leaks.