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Need-to-Know Facts About a Roof Inspector


Having your roof inspected by a professional roof inspector is important for the safety of your home and its occupants. In contrast to other parts of your home, your roof is in contact with the elements at all times. Inclement weather and even just the sun’s rays are affecting it and contributing to its deterioration.

Also, damage is occurring that you may not notice until it poses serious risks to your health and safety. Money spent on investigation before things get too drastic can lower potential costs down the line. Roofs that are not regularly maintained have been proven to last only about half of their expected service life. Here is some basic information on this procedure.


Why Should You Hire a Professional Roof Inspector?


The roof inspector you hire will see what (if any) repairs are needed, estimate how long your roof will last and give you a written summary and/or certificate of inspection. (The certificate is important if you are planning on selling your home in the near future.)

You may be interested in doing this check yourself, but hiring someone who is trained to do this is much safer and more effective. They are knowledgeable on safe ways to carry out checks and can also spot things that an untrained eye would likely miss.


When Is This Necessary?


Experts recommend that it is important to have your roof studied at these times:

  • Once prior to the season experiencing the most severe weather and once following. (In northern climates this would be winter; in places where hot weather is the most extreme, you would do this bracketing the summer months.)
  • If you have just installed a new roof
  • If you are planning to sell your home, or are seeking to buy a home
  • Following a major weather event, such as a hurricane or hailstorm, especially if you are planning to file an insurance claim


What Will the Roof Inspector Do?


A roof inspector will check the following aspects, among others:

  • Condition of roof’s exterior structure and interior
  • State of roofing material
  • Any recent repairs

Keep your home in good condition and its value will increase. In addition, its inhabitants will remain safe and secure. Make roof inspections a priority and you can rest assured your home will be a sound structure for years to come.