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How Roof Coating Can Reduce Emissions, Save Money and Keep Your Home Cool

 As we move forward into warmer months, we may start thinking how the sun is affecting our roof. Luckily, with roof coating, you can protect your roof, reduce emissions, save money and keep your home cool.

Roofing Coating Benefits in Southern California - All Climate Roofing

Your roof is an investment, and you want to take good care of it. That means ensuring it stays in the best possible condition, no matter what. You’re looking for a way to make your roof more efficient, while prolonging its lifespan. A new roof coating is just what you need, and here’s what can do for your home.

What Are the Benefits of Roof Coating?

As it sounds, roof coating involves coating your roof with a barrier between it and the elements. These coatings are usually painted on, so they won’t put any extra stress on your roof or take long to do. Once it’s done, it’ll be able to protect your roof and improve your curb appeal at the same time, too.

1. Extend Your Roof Life

There’s no denying that replacing your roof is expensive. It’s probably one of the most expensive jobs for your home, with the average roof replacement costing around $20,000. This is something that will need to be done every 15 to 20 years, and even though there’s a good amount of time between replacements, it’s still very costly. Of course, you’re looking for ways to put off replacing the roof for as long as you can.

Using a roofing coating will make all the difference to your roof, as it will help it last longer than it would without it. This is thanks to the barrier it puts up between the roof and the elements at large.

    • Shingles won’t be pulled off by the wind and so need replacement
    • Water won’t be able to get in and cause mold and rot

Having that barrier will save you money in the long run, as you’ll need less repairs and will be able to keep the roof for longer.

2. Reduce Your Cooling Bills

Another very good reason to have your roof coated is because it will help reduce your cooling bills. How can it do that? It’s thanks to the reflective properties the coating has. Without the coating, your roof will absorb heat in the hot summer months, making your home hotter. In turn, you’ll need to run the AC higher, for longer, in order to cool it back down. It’s bad for the environment and your energy bills.

With the coating, your roof will be able to reflect the heat back into the atmosphere, rather than bringing it into your home. This means you won’t need the AC on for as long, and it will make your home so much more comfortable. You can pair this with other measures, such as properly venting and insulating your attic to manage energy in your home. It’s well worth having installed, as the coating will soon pay for itself in reduced energy bills.

3. Stop Roof Fading

When you had your roof installed, you will have chosen the materials in part due to their color. This is important as the color will contribute to the overall look of your home. Whether you’re concerned about curb appeal, or you just want your home to look good, you don’t want to see that color fade over time.

The problem is, the color will fade thanks to UV rays. If you leave the roof as it is, you’ll see the color wash out and look less vibrant. That’s where a good roof coating comes in. There are many coatings that dry clear, and so won’t interfere with the look of your roof. As the coating is reflective, it’ll reflect those UV rays away stopping the color from fading as fast. It’s a small benefit, but it makes all the difference to the look of your home.

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4. Can Be Used On Many Roofing Types

The joy of roof coating is that they can be used on all kinds of roofs. You can have your roof coated if it’s made with asphalt shingles, metal, wood, and more. It’s very versatile, so even if you think your roof won’t benefit from a coating, it’s always worth checking first.

If you do decide to have a roof coating applied, you’ll need to check that applying it won’t void your warranty first. If you’re good to go, you can go right ahead and apply it.

5. Reduce The Need for Repairs

As mentioned earlier, a roof coating will do a lot to reduce the damage done by the elements. As it creates a seal on your roof, things can’t get in, such as water. You’ll also see less splitting and cracking of shingles and tiles thanks to the reflective properties reducing heat damage. The wind will also find it much harder to get under shingles and pull them off.

Because of this, you’ll have to do much less repair work on your roof over its lifetime. No more having to replace multiple shingles or treating water damage. It’ll be much easier to take care of, so you can get back to doing the important things around your home.

6. More Environmentally Friendly

You’ve already seen that you will be helping the environment with a roof coating, as you’ll be keeping your home cooler and so won’t have to worry about energy bills. It’s also worth considering that you’ll be helping the environment by not replacing your roof as often too. This is because you’re not contributing to landfills when you tear off your old roof.

This is great news for those trying to lower their carbon footprint and be better to the planet. If you’re not having the roof replaced as often, you’re not creating nearly as much waste overall. This should be enough to convince most home owners to coat their roofs.

As you’ve seen, there’s so many reasons why you should use a roof coating. They’re great for the environment, keep your roof looking good, and reduce repairs needed. The best part though, is that they last much longer with a coating on them. If you’re convinced, look into getting your roof coated as soon as possible, so you can reap the benefits.

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