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Reasons to Have a New Roof Installed on a Home

There are great reasons to have a new roof installed on a building. When a home has an older roof, the materials do not provide proper insulation to keep out hot or cool air. During heavy rainstorms, the roofing materials might leak, leading to moisture inside a home’s wall spaces or attic. If this moisture does not evaporate quickly, building materials can develop secondary damage such as mold growth and mildew odors. Rotting roof and wall materials can make it easier for pests to invade, leading to a building infested with insects or rodents. To save money and prevent property damage, have a building’s roof inspected by a professional contractor on a regular basis.

Types of Roofing Materials 

Repairing or installing a new roof is a specialized process because if the underlying structures are not designed properly, then the roof can collapse. Not only does a homeowner need to have a correctly designed roof, but also, it is essential to have one that looks beautiful and augments the rest of the building. A roof has multiple layers in order to ensure it protects a building’s interior materials. Some of the layers include:

• Shingles – made of wood, rubber or asphalt
• Tile – made of ceramic or clay
• Liquid applications – designed to repel moisture
• Plastic membranes – to repel rain
• Metal roofing – rarely used on homes
• Insulation – to maintain a building’s temperature
• Felt or tar paper – insulates and repels moisture

The type of roofing material chosen depends on the shape of the building, local building codes and personal choice.

Discuss Roof Options with a Contractor

Before choosing a roofing material, a knowledgeable contractor should discuss options and price points. A new roof is an important financial investment that may last up to 50 years in a mild climate. While shingle materials are the most common selected by homeowners, tile materials are more resistant to moisture, wind and fire damage. It is better to choose the best variety of materials possible after a roofing contractor provides options for installation and repair.


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