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Protect Your Home’s Outdoor Surfaces

If your house is equipped with a deck, you know that in the course of a year it takes a beating from the elements. Like any other component of your home, the deck needs to be properly maintained if it is to last through the years. Seek out the services of an experienced and reputable contractor to assess the current condition of the surface and come up with a game plan for the best method of protection.

When to Choose Acrylic Coating

The decision of whether to use acrylic or urethane deck coating should be made with the knowledge of their individual benefits and drawbacks as well as how each will interact with your home’s environment. Acrylic coating is one of the most popular materials among homeowners because of its low price tag and simple maintenance. It is easy to clean, as a regular mixture of soap and water is enough to get the job done. The pleasant polished aesthetic maintains its color well over time, and it is resistant to damage from ultraviolet rays. However, acrylic coating does not do well in colder weather and has an overall shorter lifespan than other options.

The Endurance of Urethane

This solvent-based material is similar to acrylic coating in its glossy finish and low odor, but is also generally regarded as one of the most durable options on the market. If your deck is a frequently traversed area of your home, this is the way to go as it is intended to resist foot traffic through its flexible and tough qualities as well as its resistance to chipping. It can also adhere to previously applied finishes and is immune to water damage, unlike acrylic coating. However, the potential fire risk and higher cost prevent this from being the wholly superior material.

As long as you take your annual weather patterns into account, you should be able to make the right deck coating choice.


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