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Protect a Deck from Moisture

If you have a deck outside your home, then it is vital to protect the materials from sunlight, moisture and insects. It is possible to apply coating solutions to plain wood, or you can stain or paint the wood first. There are benefits from applying a coating over paint or stain because the sealants help to protect the stain and paint from the damages of weather, heat and ultraviolet rays. The majority of decking materials lay flat, making it easy for moisture from morning dew and rain to rest on the wood on a daily basis. Small amounts of moisture begin to seep into the wood, causing decay such as warping and splitting.

Make Maintenance Easier

Deck coatings help to preserve the wood of the deck while making maintenance easier. A thick and durable coating makes it simple for you to wash debris quickly from a deck. Instead of needing to stain or paint your deck each year, a coating extends the life span of the decorative surfaces for a few more years. Deck coating techniques and services are suitable for additional surfaces and structures, including:

• Balconies
• Exterior railings
• Wood pathways
• Fences
• Pergolas

Sealing a Deck Extends its Life Span

Waterproof coatings can extend the life of a deck’s wood to prevent needing to replace all of the materials, and a professional technician has the tools and supplies required to complete deck sealing quickly. First, power washing the deck’s material thoroughly is recommended to remove debris such as leaves and insects that prevents the proper application of sealant chemical. If your home’s deck is raised off the ground or on a second floor, then the technician must also clean the surfaces on the sides and underneath in order to apply sealants. When the deck has had a previous application of coatings, it is a good idea to have the layers removed from the surface. This may require an extensive sanding process to scrape away layers of coatings, paint or stain, but will lead to a more attractive deck that will last longer.


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