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Ojai Roofing in Ventura County: Mission Style Roofing

Ojai Roofing in Ventura County: Mission Style Roofing | All Climate RoofingIf you are looking for an Ojai roofing contractor to install Mission style clay roofing on your home, there are several considerations to keep in mind. This handsome Spanish inspired roofing has many advantages, but it is heavy and you need an experienced contractor to ensure that your house can withstand the weight. Especially good for hot climates, these clay tiles, when properly laid, can keep your house cool while providing a wonderful Old World style that is regaining popularity.

Clay has been used as a building material for over 5000 years due to its cooling properties and its durability. The wonderful red color, once fired, does not fade. It has reflective properties that help reduce the temperature. The shape of the tiles allows ventilation and the natural clay material is environmentally neutral. By keeping the roof temperature lower, the tiles save energy on air-conditioning costs.

Advantages of Clay Tiles

Some of the advantages of clay tiles are that they are fireproof, insect resistant, waterproof, and can even withstand snow and ice and still last for up to 100 years. These advantages coupled with the beauty and Spanish hacienda styled design that is so prominent in Southern California, make these tiles and natural choice for Ojai roofing. It is particularly important that you choose an experienced contractor when you opt for clay tiles. This is because they are very heavy and the design of your house must be able to support this style of roof. They are not recommended for a low pitched roof. Also, if they are not installed correctly, they can leak, leading to damage of the roof structure underneath the tiles. The tiles can be found in several different grades depending upon the area of the country. Some manufacturers also offer a lighter weight clay tile.

By carefully selecting an experienced Ojai roofing contractor to install your Mission style tiles, you will get a roof that can save you energy costs while adding beauty and Old World charm to your home.