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Moorpark Roofing Will Battle Your Roof’s Enemies

Moorpark Roofing Will Battle Your Roof's Enemies | All Climate Roofing

If you are looking for Moorpark roofing, there are many factors to keep in mind when choosing your roof. A roof’s performance is greatly affected by what Mother Nature throws at it.

Here are some of your roof’s worst enemies to watch out for.


Too much moisture can be incredibly damaging to a roof.

When water gets underneath shingles, it can cause the overall structure to rot.

You may also get mildew inside your house because of a rotting roof. It is important to make sure you have a sturdy roof that is not allowing leakage.

Snow and ice

When snow melts, it often refreezes before going away completely.

This refreezing often takes place at the roof’s overhang. If this happens, water may not properly drain into your gutter.

This can cause water damage or even tear of parts of your home. You should monitor the health of your roof during and after major snowstorms.


When searching for good Moorpark roofing, it is imperative that you address the amount of sun your house is receiving.

Heat and ultraviolet rays can cause your roof to deteriorate. This happens especially quickly on the west and south ends of your home.

The sun does not bring all bad news though. You can harness its power by installing solar panels on your roof during your next roofing project.


If you live in an area with extremely high winds, they can greatly damage your roof. Wind can lift the edges of shingles or even blow them off completely.

Moss and algae

If your roof is moist, it can be a great host for moss and algae. Moss holds a lot of moisture and will make your roof even damper than before it started growing.

Both moss and algae can cause your roof to rot.

The best way to battle any of these roofing enemies is to have a strong, sturdy roof made with excellent building materials.

You need to find a good contractor to help you with your Moorpark roofing project.

Look for a contractor who is licensed and bonded and who is happy to provide you with several happy client references.