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Hot Mop Roof: Why Consider It For Your Commercial Property

Hot Mop Roof: Why Consider It For Your Commercial Property - All Climate Roofing

If you are looking to replace a flat or low slope roof, you will see that there are several types of commercial roofing and ways that you can do so. One of the oldest and most well proven methods is the process of hot mop roofing.

What is a hot mop roof, and why should you choose one for your commercial property?

What Is A Hot Mop Roof?

Firstly, what exactly is a hot mop roof? Like most built-up roofing systems, these are made of several layers of synthetic materials and felt. These are then adhered together with hot asphalt, which is mopped onto the surface of the roof. The asphalt is used to find these layers together, as well as offer a waterproof finish. Once these have been applied, an optional top layer of either rock, a colored cap sheet, or gravel as desired. 

This is one of the oldest methods of roofing out there, and one that has been proven to be effective. When properly applied to a flat roof, it should be able to resist water for up to 20 years.

Is A Hot Mop Roof For You?

A hot mop roof is only one of the options you have when it comes to replacing your flat roof. Out of all of the options available to you, why should you choose this option for your new roof? There are a few reasons why you should consider it for your commercial property.

Cheaper than other options: Getting a new roof installed is always going to be an expensive job. Even if you are budgeting well for it, you do want to ensure you keep prices down where you can. This is where the hot mop roof can be helpful. 

These roofing solutions are typically cheaper than other options, such as torch down roofing. Even with the lower price point, you will see that these roofs are still capable of giving you full protection from the elements. This is probably the biggest reason why people opt for these roofs. 

Proven technology: Even though a hot mop roof is the one of the oldest roofing methods out there, you will see that the roofing system in general is proven to keep out water and resist the elements in general. That is so important when you are looking into getting a new roof. If you choose this system, you can be sure you will get what you pay for.

Hot Mop Roof: Why Consider It For Your Commercial Property - All Climate Roofing

Quicker to install: Depending on the roofing system you have chosen for your commercial property, it can take a while to get it fully installed. No matter which one you choose, you are going to have to deal with some disruption while the work is being done.

Another great benefit of a hot mop roof is that they can be installed relatively quickly when compared to other roof types. That is great news for those who need it installed quicker, especially those who are trying to get renovations done on a time frame or simply don’t want to deal with the disruption for long.

Excellent waterproofing: One of the reasons why hot mop roofing has become such a popular flat roofing method, is thanks to its waterproofing technology. Because it uses several different layers of hot asphalt, it means that there will be no seams that water can make their way through. In fact, if you get hot weather in your area, the asphalt will actually soften, allowing any small gaps or cracks to self-seal if they have formed over time.

This also makes them a very good option for those who want a low maintenance roof. While all roofing systems do need some care and attention over time, you will have to do significantly less work to ensure this roof reaches its full lifespan.

What To Know Before Installing A Hot Mop Roof

Are you ready to have a hot mop roof installed? There are some things you do need to know before you go ahead and book a roofer to handle this for you. These include the following:

Possible hazards in installation:  as this roofing method uses extremely hot liquids, as you can imagine it can be a hazardous job. That is why it’s strongly suggested that you have a qualified roofing company handle the installation for you. If you were looking for something that could be handled as a DIY project, this is not going to be the one for you.

Potentially messy: Again, as this system uses hot liquids, there is the potential danger of it becoming quite messy around your property. This is another reason why you need to hire a good roofing company. They will ensure that they take the right precautions which will help minimize any spillage and the damage it could cause.

Strong smells: If you are considering a hot mop roof, then you need to be aware that the installation process will give off toxic fumes. The roofing team handling the installation will take care to protect themselves from these fumes, but you will need to consider what you will do while they are working on it.

Typically, commercial property owners will need to vacate the premises while it has been re-roofed. You will need to consider if you will be able to do that, before you have this roofing system installed.

Maintaining A Hot Mop Roof

Once you have your roof installed, you need to know how to maintain it. Luckily, it is a very simple process for this kind of roof. You will need to do roof inspections to look for any damage, such as cracks in the asphalt. If you are doing regular inspections, you should be able to pick up on issues quickly, allowing them to be maintained and handled before they get worse.   

If you do come across any issues, the best thing to do is to call on your roofer to handle them for you.

A hot mop proof has a lot of advantages for commercial property owners. Contact All Climate Roofing today to schedule a consultation and ensure your property’s roofing needs are met with expertise and quality service.

Hot Mop Roof: Why Consider It For Your Commercial Property - All Climate Roofing

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